Signbox signs change everything. They’re transforming buildings from functional structures into unforgettable landmarks, turning settings into eye-catching scenic masterpieces and bringing spaces to life like no other.

Great signage builds brands too. From the sublime to the statement, effective, intelligent signage has the power to create an instant, dynamic perception of the brand and the bigger picture that entices and inspires brand loyalty. 

And then there’s human behaviour. How we interact with our environment, how we move within it and the way we rely on iconic signage structures and symbols to inform us and guide us, can all be enhanced by seamless, alluring signage 


Hybrid from Signbox ® is a premium modular outdoor sign system that combines the relentlessly durable and sustainable qualities of exterior-grade bamboo with powerful materials, such as steel, glass and illumination, that bring both sign scheme and setting to life.

Engineered with components that are tailored from the ground up to support single post, twin post or bamboo beam structures, Signbox ® Hybrid is a fusion of elegant, yet hardworking materials and an aesthetically-pleasing, versatile system design. Supporting panels of painted exterior grade MDF, bamboo, toughened glass or aluminium, with a series of precision engineered, stainless steel tamper proof fixings.


For over 35 years, Signbox has remained the first name in aspirational signage solutions that push the boundaries of innovation and challenge convention.

We apply a conceptual, holistic approach to signage meticulously across
market sectors, including high-end corporate and residential interiors, education, healthcare, retail, hotel and leisure environments, across the globe, inside and out.


EG is the name behind the renowned digital print division of Signbox. Derived from the latin exempli gratia, meaning ‘for example’ and, true to this name, Signbox is leading by example with a versatile range of premium quality display products for the workplace environment. 

The EG portfolio of revolutionary, large format display solutions is manufactured using our innovative SwissQPrint Nyala printer, that prints direct-to-surface on both rigid and flexible materials. It is primarily due to our strict compliance with the British Standard code of practice for sign manufacture, which demands materials are fire protected and specified for their suitability and longevity, that Signbox continues to execute world class signage solutions and exceed workplace expectations every time. 


Fire! is a range of tough and elegant fire escape signs compliant with all current BS and EC regulations. Manufactured from screen printed rigid 3mm Foamex, either single or double sided and supported with a satin anodised aluminium extrusion.

The fire! collection has been designed for the discerning specifier and developed in conjunction with typographer Jeremy Tankard. Special designs, sizes, colours and graphics are available on request.

Signs can be wall fixed with self adhesive tabs or ceiling fixed with suspension kits using 1mm steel cable. Suspended signs are available with printing on one or both sides.


Conforming to ISO 7010 (previously EN7010), the FE LED Signslot comprises a silver anodised aluminium 30mm diameter ceiling mounted Signslot with 100mm drop rods or a wall mounted option, supporting an 8mm thick silica acrylic (glass look) panel with laser engraved and printed graphics.

Complete with a minimum 5 hour emergency battery back up and green LED charge indicator.


Conforming to ISO 7010 (previously EN7010), the FE LED Signslot comprises a silver anodised aluminium 30mm diameter ceiling mounted Signslot with 100mm drop rods or a wall mounted option, supporting an 8mm thick silica acrylic (glass look) panel with laser engraved and printed graphics.

Complete with a minimum 5 hour emergency battery back up and green LED charge indicator.


With Monoline, we have carried this philosophy through to its logical conclusion. Maximum message and minimum  product. Monoline is an extruded aluminium bracket, which securely holds graphic panels with only a 12mm lip showing.

Monoline’s default specification for a graphic panel is a sheet of digitally printed paper held between a sheet of toughened safety glass and a backing panel of aluminium laminate. 

Using digitally printed paper dramatically reduces the cost of keeping the signs up to date, when compared to conventional graphics reproduction.


Octopus represents a new generation of fingerpost systems. 

Like Chameleon, its Workshop 2 stable mate, Octopus can be dressed up or pared down to fit into any environment. 

Octopus is an engineered product, constructed from robust aluminium extrusions. Octopus has eight fixing positions on each collar and five collars can be stacked on top of each other. This makes Octopus more than flexible enough to meet any urban or campus wayfinding requirements.


Vertico’s frameless design allows an edge-to-edge glass face with a 9mm clear glass margin around the perimeter. Vertico has an elegant, fluted side casing that holds the sliding mechanism and has no visible fixings. Vertico also uses a unique and proprietary sliding mechanism to open and close. This allows posters and notices to be displayed or changed safely in busy circulation spaces.

Vertico can be illuminated using LED ‘maintenance free’ technology. LED lamps should last many times longer than conventional fluorescent lamps. LEDs have a running cost of around 20% of conventional lamps.


The HB Modular Sign System (MSS) is an elegant, robust and flexible solution for all internal signing requirements.

MSS has been specified extensively for corporate and government headquarters, colleges and universities, museums, libraries and art facilities, sports centres, healthcare industries and law courts.

The MSS system is a simple assembly of strong, lightweight, extruded interchangeable aluminium profiles.


Gallery is a frameless, edge-to-edge glass display case with radiused corners and a clear edge. Gallery has a 6mm tempered safety glass face. The sub frames behind the glass are silver anodised extrusion. Gallery comes with a silver printed border; other colours can be printed to order by quotation. Gallery is available in standard A sizes from stock, from A4 to A1. Special sizes can be manufactured by quotation.

The bottom border on Gallery cases can be extended to hold brochure holders. Gallery is suitable for internal applications only. It can be used to display posters, transparencies or as a notice board. It is available in backlit or non-illuminated options


Frameless is formed of an extruded aluminium back plate, a routed acrylic face and a mechanical fixing. 

The aluminium extrusion is silver anodised. The acrylic comes in 5mm clear as standard and is a cast Perspex acrylic. Other acrylic thicknesses and colours are available by quotation. The fixing is a hex socket set screw. Frameless signs come with a suitable key.

Frameless comes in standard A sizes, A7, A6, A5, A4 & A3 in either portrait or landscape format. Bespoke  sizes are available by quotation. Frameless has an enclosure depth of 1mm and can accommodate most weights of paper.

DSS 2.0

DSS is a ‘maintenance free’ product. Illumination is provided by LEDs with a lamp life many times that of a fluorescent tube. The light units should last about 5 years and are designed to ‘plug in’, making replacement quick and easy. LEDs have a running cost of around 20% of conventional lamps.


Footprint can be used for the display of posters, messages or brochures where wall-mounted information is not possible. The restrained and elegant design means that attention is focused on your message and not on the product hardware. Information can be updated quickly and effortlessly using our unique paper suspension system. 

Footprint is suitable for any internal environment including corporate reception areas, conference centres, hotel lobbies, restaurants, showrooms, museums and galleries, airports and retail environments. Footprint is used extensively in exhibitions, point-of-sale and other displays.


A Chameleon is a type of lizard that can change its appearance at will.

Chameleon is also a new type of flexible monolith sign that can be specified like a bespoke sign but has all the cost and performance attributes of a sign system.

Chameleon monolith signs can incorporate a huge range of materials and finishes. Chameleon signs can be pared-down and simple or richly textured. Whichever combination of finishes you select, a Chameleon sign will be visually arresting.


Near Field Communication (NFC) technology has the power to change the way people navigate and interact with you, your brand and your marketing campaigns; the opportunities for powerful proximity marketing campaigns are limitless.

This is true communication with a twist. It is entirely contactless technology and the only thing between your message and the people you want to read it is an NFC enabled smartphone. NFC technology uses radio waves over short distances to connect smart posters with smartphones and link to a wealth of information from the tiny NFC chip or ‘tag’ on the poster. With a simple tap of your smartphone in close proximity to the tag, a range of engagements are possible.


Signkit is a unique collection of precision engineered components that are designed to interface with a wide range of materials from toughened glass, acrylic, composites or timber. 

Signkit is one of the architectural sign solutions from Signbox, a design-led manufacturer at the forefront of sign systems. Drawing upon a mix of architectural and engineering experience we design to the highest standards to create futureproof signage products for the built environment. Our ethos is one of excellence, attention to detail, teamwork, service and customer care


Exterior signage solutions demand a holistic, harmonised approach that addresses aesthetics, navigation, corporate branding and a considered respect for the environment.

Stealth is the name behind the most exciting exterior signage system in the Signbox range and it’s making powerful statements about buildings and estates within both traditional and more  contemporary environments.

With an elegance and future-proof presence that projects information and corporate identities beautifully, Stealth adds harmony to a setting and its architecture, whilst creating first impressions that are remembered for all the right reasons.

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