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Signbox architectural wayfinding sign solutions are designed to convey clear, concise information using a series of visual touchpoints that guide visitors to their destinations, safely and easily.

Signbox exterior wayfinding signage solutions are devised to fulfil two key functions. In essence, a successful architectural wayfinding sign scheme should direct people who are unfamiliar with their surroundings intuitively. A wayfinding system should take account of the needs of the disabled and visually impaired and help everyone feel engaged with their environment as they navigate through it.

It’s also critical that commercial wayfinding signage solutions embrace an organisation’s corporate identity. An architectural signage scheme should form an intrinsic part of the brand and its marketing philosophy and enhance it. We believe wayfinding signs are there as much to create that vital first impression as they are to guide visitors around a workplace, building or estate.

Signbox designs and manufactures architectural wayfinding signs that are functional and harmonise interior and exterior spaces too.  We use dynamic finishes and materials, including woods, metals, contemporary vinyls, acrylics and composites. Wherever possible, we work with recycled materials that are environmentally friendly and from sustainable sources too. We also incorporate low-cost illuminated LED sign technologies into Signbox fabricated lettering signs, totem signs and freestanding monolith wayfinding signs. These are all cost-effective, low-maintenance and durable wayfinding sign schemes that work.

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