pasamano – tactile wayfinding signage

Pasamano is an award-winning wayfinding product designed to assist blind and visually impaired visitors as well as sighted visitors who appreciate clear, intuitive signposting.

Designed by Esteban Marino, Pasamano provides a raised Braille profile that’s ideal for use on handrails and walkways and enables visitors to navigate to and around unfamiliar buildings with ease.

Pasamano is fully compliant with the Disabilities Discrimination Act (DDA) accessibility regulations as well as all other European accessibility and discrimination requirements.

Pasamano is holder of the Accessibility Award of the Municipal Buildings Trade Show, which is held in Paris . The award is presented only to the world’s leading developers of innovative products, materials, systems, services and techniques.

Pasamano can be fixed on handrails between 35mm and 55mm in diameter and is also available in a flat plate version for wall mounting. Talk to our sales team to find out more about wall-mounted Pasamano.

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Signbox and Marcal

Marcal has been developing pioneering signposting systems throughout Europe since 1987.  Its focus has always been on excellent quality in both design and manufacture and is reflected in the 10 year warranty that comes with all Marcal products.

Marcal is rigorous in its selection of partners and distributors and Signbox is justifiably proud to be have been chosen as the UK distributor for the complete range of Marcal products, which includes Pasamano.

Signbox and Marcal share the same commitment to conceptual design that continues to look fabulous year after year. We also share a commitment to deliver the best signage solutions to all our clients, including those in the corporate world, in commercial building development and refurbishment and in the hospitality sector.

If you’d like to find out more about the Marcal signage solutions, download our pdf brochure.

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