Introducing Signbox CPD Knowledge Hub

Signage has a powerful ability to transform buildings and spaces, motivate people to work more productively and to make brands perform brilliantly. We’d like to give you and your teams a better understanding of how you can achieve all of this in your projects. 

Signbox offers a complimentary, all-embracing series of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seminars for architects. Every module is delivered by experts in the design, manufacture and installation of world-class signs and schemes to help you broaden your knowledge of this exciting industry and stay ahead.

Each CPD is a visual feast, highly interactive and packed with useful materials, strategies, contextual insights and intelligence. They’ll show you what is possible to achieve through great signage across the full spectrum of built environments and will help you stay up to date with legislation, safety regulations and best practice methodologies.

Our CPD seminars last 45 minutes and can be delivered live and remotely by the sign specialists at Signbox.

Signbox CPDs cover a great range of topics, including but not limited to the following:

  • Innovation in materials, sustainability and systems
  • More than a sign company
  • Brand Guardianship for Environmental Graphics – Signs – Wayfinding
  • There is more to designing a scheme of navigation than just sign design, typography and iconography

To book your place on a Signbox CPD, please contact us.

Signbox Ltd Knowledge Hub

Innovation in Materials, Sustainability & Systems

Join Signbox and discover the latest innovations in materials, sustainability and systems.

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