versatile fingerpost wayfinding systems

In unfamiliar territory, pedestrians depend on wayfinding systems that inform and direct, intuitively and in an instant. Effective, powerful guidance that works seamlessly with its surroundings; unimposing, but with a presence that reassures.

This is Octopus – a next generation, versatile fingerpost system that stands effortlessly and harmoniously within every environment thanks to a sublime engineered ingenuity of form and function. At home in town centres, business parks, hospitals or university campuses, Octopus sits in perfect partnership with its stable mate, Chameleon, the stunning monolith signage solution; both can be dressed up or pared down to fit the look and feel of the setting.

Octopus is constructed from robust aluminium extrusions and offers up to eight fixing positions on five stackable collars around an octagonal spline that can be lifted or lowered to adapt and update – without the need for drilling, squeezing or on-site re-engineering. Posts, collars and finials can be finished in self-healing anodised aluminium as standard and, along with its fingers, can be painted or powder coated in any RAL colour while graphics can be digitally screenprinted, CAD cut performance vinyl or wrapped for short term event signage.

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Wayfinding systems are designed to convey information, direction and that critical first impression to visitors – in a manner that is clear, yet unobstrusive. Every architectural signage solution we devise takes account of environment, aesthetics, navigation and corporate branding so we can create a wayfinding system that welcomes as much as it wows and feels inviting.

Signbox estate, wayfinding, monolith and fingerpost signage systems are designed to enhance without imposing and inspire without instilling; taking direction should be a natural process – we simply add a presence that people engage with intuitively.

Yet there’s more than a look and feel to making effective signage work – it has to be clear to all and robust. All Signbox exterior signage systems are precision engineered to counter every environmental demand and custom made to benchmarked specifications that meet planning and building regulations, health and safety requirements and comply with accessibility and DDA directives. The materials we rely on include an inspired collection of woods and metals and contemporary vinyls and composites and, wherever possible, we work with products, which are environmentally friendly and originate from recycled or sustainable sources.

Signbox wayfinding signage systems enhance environments and inspire people to engage with their surroundings for the better.

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