corporate branding signs that welcome, inform and display

The ultimate welcome signage. Branding signs or welcome signs are designed to greet and inform visitors of their arrival at a destination.

Corporate branding signage is also instrumental in presenting that vital positive first impression. From typeface and colour to style and size, these are the elements that express an organisation’s identity, projecting qualities such as dynamism, pride,integrity or professionalism.

The quantity of information presented varies from organisation to building to market sector. From straightforward names and logos to formal arrangements that contain multiple levels of information and multimedia displays that convey information on widescreen displays, branding sign design just got exciting!

Wall-mounted branding signs should be positioned at an adequate height to avoid obstruction and make navigation an instinctive experience. Ideally it should be installed at the same height throughout the building within a band of 1400mm to 1700mm above finished floor level.


Successful internal location signage solutions are dependent on specialist sign manufacturers like Signbox who know how to get the best from a scheme. Our project managers work closely with building owners, architects and designers to identify navigational, environmental and aesthetic considerations and to gain a deeper appreciation of the form and function of a building.

Key to a coherent scheme is the need to adhere to and reinforce an organisation’s brand through its signage. At its heart, this is corporate identity signage and Signbox solutions are designed to interpret and project the brand, appropriately and consistently.

Our internal signage solutions are custom made to precise specifications that meet health, safety, accessibility and DDA compliance regulations and complement a building’s interior finish in style.

Naturally we follow best practice guidelines in everything we do and, wherever possible, we work with products which are environmentally-friendly and originate from recycled or sustainable sources.

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