monolith and totems for maximum visual impact

Monolith and totems are freestanding sign solutions fabricated from different materials standing as high as 6 metres and can be illuminated for extra impact. Monoliths and totems are used for a range of purposes, which vary from sector to sector and business to business. Some use them as a wayfinding solution while others commission them to strengthen their corporate branding

A signage solution that knows how to make a statement, Stealth is one of our most exciting exterior signage systems. It has an elegance and presence that projects information and corporate identity beautifully and harmonises with both contemporary and traditional environments with ease. 

Chameleon is a new flexible monolith/totem sign that can be specified to incorporate a range of material finishes. The concept behind Chameleon is stunningly simple; a pair of proprietary structural posts formed from aluminium extrusions that support infill panels at the faces and sides. 

Take a closer look at the Stealth Mono Fin Monolith Sign or the Chameleon Wayfinding Totem at the Signbox Shop.

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