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Signbox EG | Environmental Graphics:  EG is derived from the Latin expression, exempli gratia (for example), and is an acronym for Environmental Graphics.

Signbox is the leading digital print designers, suppliers and installers and we offer a versatile range of display products for the workplace environment.

The technology behind our new SwissQPrint Nyala printer, is at the core of the Signbox EG service. It defines a new quality standard for digital printing with the capability to print direct-to-surface on rigid or flexible materials without compromise. It also achieves perfect results on transparent surfaces, including glass, acrylic and optically clear polyester film. The Nyala 4 offers the finest quality print in the industry, which ensures consistently accurate printing – essential for us to offer the highest quality benchmark.

We have created a unique range of next generation display solutions for environments and applications that demand innovation. From branding to privacy manifestation, our glazing enhancement films can be installed quickly and easily to stunning effect and offer an environmentally friendly option to PVC.

Take a closer look at Doodleglass™, our contemporary take on the dry wipe board and our digital wallpaper supergraphics that change the face of interior spaces. Also available are Digital Canvas that projects perfectly and the revolutionary Enlighten smart poster system, the ultimate proximity marketing display that delivers enhanced customer engagement through new near field communication (NFC) technology.


The Signbox EG service is defined by the cutting-edge approach to sign design and unrivalled customer service that is synonymous with the Signbox name. Our project managers invest time and energy getting to the heart of the built environment, its physical form and its people to create a sign scheme that answers questions of aesthetics, practicalities and corporate branding with consistency and grace.

Our signage solutions work because of the way we work. We’ve combined a unique approach to conceptual design with the power and precision of the SwissQPrint Nyala 4 printer to produce a range of display products that suit the applications, environments and budgets of forward-thinking organisations everywhere.

As a single-point-resource for the design, manufacture and installation of products, we are the specifier’s first choice for powerful signage solutions. We work closely with project architects and developers to create bespoke branded signage systems that not only generate a stunning visual impact, but help shape the dynamics ambience of the workplace environment.

Signbox EG display solutions can be integrated as part of a wider signage scheme that encompasses architectural signs, wayfinding and corporate identity signage all of which embrace new, energy efficient technologies, including LED illumination and innovative materials that originate from recycled or sustainable sources. And, of course, we’re committed to our own benchmarked standards of quality and best practice throughout our operations.

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