There’s more to display signage with Enlighten. Much more. This is next generation smart poster display and wayfinding signage and it’s changing the way people navigate and interact with the brands and marketing messages that surround them.

The secret lies in Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that demands attention and encourages response. Embedded within the Enlighten smart poster system, an NFC chip that emits a low-powered radio signal interacts with an enabled mobile phone to transfer data from the poster to the phone with just a single swipe. The communiqué is delivered instantly. You can also buy our NFC Smart Tag Stickers here.

The potential for NFC display signage technology is being realised as fast as retailers and brand marketers are rolling out Enlighten to communicate with their target audiences. This is tailored proximity marketing that conveys promotional offers, captures advertisement information or simply welcomes and directs visitors with the ultimate, personalised wayfinding resource.

The look is undeniably stylish. Enlighten displays back-lit media beautifully within a sustainable composite frame that’s embedded with rare earth magnets and covered with an edge-to-edge acrylic face that looks and feels like glass.

Enlighten is energy-efficient too; its ultra-bright, low voltage LED light sheet illuminates with outstanding energy efficiency that qualifies for ECA’s (Enhanced Capital Allowances). Companies can reduce both corporation tax and carbon footprint simultaneously.

Enlighten smartposter brochure (2693kb)

revolutionary, affordable smart posters with NFC technology

The possibilities for Enlighten’s NFC smart poster  interactivity are endless and the days retailers once dreamed of are here now. Their customers browse, they pass their mobile phone across the smart poster that displays images and messages that entice. They note the new product lines, the day’s recommendations, offers and discount vouchers and they stay for longer and purchase more.

Enlighten is just one of a remarkable range of display signage systems that we’ve created to harness next generation technologies that sell products, deliver messages and direct instinctively.

Interact like you’ve never interacted before by giving your customers a reason to aspire.

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