Social Distancing Signs, stickers & Products

Signbox have developed an extensive range of social distancing accessories including signs, stickers, hand sanitisers and more. 

The ability to effectively communicate your social distancing requirements to staff and visitors is extremely important and is why we have come up with an excellent range to suit almost any situation from schools and education to offices and retail. 

Our extensive range includes our extremely popular Hey! range, a beautifully co-ordinated set of signs and stickers that covers any message you require. 

Alongside our signs and stickers we have glass and acrylic protection screens and a range of contemporary hand sanitiser displays. 

All of our designs can be customised to suit your branding requirements including adding you own logo and text. 

Get in touch now for custom products, visit our shop or view some of our range below.

Social Distancing protection Screens

Glass Workplace Sneeze
Protection Screens

Personal protection sneeze screens, perfect for workplaces, offices, retail environments, hotels, gyms and more. 

Suspended Sneeze Protection Screens

Suspended sneeze screens designed for use in offices, workplaces, retail counters and more.

Counter Top Desk Sneeze Screen with Bamboo Base

A simple yet highly effective portable sneeze screen with slot-in bamboo base.  Great for offices and meeting rooms.

Desk Partition Sneeze Screen Extension Panels

An effective extension screen to almost any standard office partition. Simply slot on top for an increased protection area.

Social Distancing Signs and Stickers

Safe4Touch Antimicrobial Contact Point Stickers

An innovative range of surface point stickers for desks, doors and handles made from Antimicrobial material

Protect and Respect Social Distancing Stickers

An informal, salient social distancing range designed for retail spaces and workplaces for customers and staff

Social Distancing Seating Sign Wraps

Adjustable social distancing seat wraps to easily communicate any seats that should be left empty for social distancing

Seat and bench sticker signs for social distancing

Simply stick to a seat or bench area to ensure social distancing is being maintained by staff and customers

Workplace Social Distancing Range

A complete range of reminder signs for offices and workplaces.  Selection of colours and designs available

Temperature Check Signage Range

Temperature check signs perfect for use in reception and entrance areas where staff and visitors need to check their temperature

HEY! Range Social Distancing Signage

Our popular Hey! Range of social distancing hygiene signs and stickers for offices, schools and public spaces

HEY! Range Hand Wash and Sanitiser Signs

Our popular Hey! Range of hand wash and sanitiser information signs, perfect for workplaces, schools and public spaces

Social Distancing Floor stickers

HEY! Range Commercial Grade Carpet Vinyl

The Hey! Range of Social Distancing messages available in a selection of floor sticker designs and colourways

Commercial Grade Social Distancing Floor Stickers

A clear and concise range of social distancing floor stickers perfect for busy retail environments, schools, offices and more 

Educational Range of Social Distancing Stickers

A specially designed range of social distancing signs for schools and collages in fun and informative designs and colours

Floor Marking Social Distancing Tape

Create safe zones with our premium quality social distancing tape. Great for marking off no-entry areas


Contemporary Counter Top Hand Sanitisers

A premium counter top contemporary hand sanitiser. Designed to perfectly compliment your interior 

Contemporary Floor Standing Hand Sanitiser

A premium design floor standing hand sanitiser. Contactless design that senses the hands and automatically dispenses

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser with Built in Thermoscanner

A premium design hand sanitiser with built in thermoscanner to read a users temperature whilst dispensing sanitiser. 

Hand Sanitiser with Digital Advertising Screen

A creative advertising and communication tool with built in hand sanitiser. Great for offices and public spaces. 

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