Insights is our look at innovation within the industry or what may effect our industry. Signbox is constantly innovating  and studying new materials, new technologies and looking at what may effect design of signs in the industry.

We will also post useful updates and video links where appropriate as insights to assist with customers journeys with our products or services.

What 3 Words

You may well have already crossed paths with what3words – if you have the app and are already using it for wayfinding or have read the headlines about how the emergency services are navigating in times of crisis,

Golden Ratio

If you’re mathematically inclined, the Golden Ratio may well be in your repertoire; if you’re a designer, you may already be using it to bring aesthetically pleasing structures and patterns to your work. Intrigued?


If yours is an organisation that prides itself on ethical approaches and eco-friendly credentials, the chances are your sustainability policy will be as much a priority as your health and safety and online privacy commitments.

COVID-19 back to work risk assessment

Signbox have created a risk assessment for returning to work. We have included this in our INSIGHTS page as this would be a valuable resource for our clients.