Digimura 1.1

Digimura 1.1 is our quality digitally printable wallcovering range, created for designers, architects and display specialists for all types of interior décor projects from installations within cafés, bars and restaurants to high-street retail stores, hotels, offices and museums.

With a contract-grade specification and superb application-performance criteria, Digimura 1.1 is our 300gsm fabric-backed vinyl printable wallcovering range, which offers the ultimate impact resistance for high-traffic commercial installations such as stairwells and corridors.

All our wallcoverings are engineered specifically to meet the application and regulatory requirements for use in contract interiors. They are scratch-resistant and can be cleaned and hold a “Euroclass EN13501” fire rating (essential for public spaces) even when printed.

Designers will love how the different textured finishes available in this range can enhance their creative designs – while the textured surfaces, paired with an appropriate printed design, can be a clever solution to masking poor wall surface finishes in renovation projects.

Available in five different finishes, each of our Digimura 1.1 wallcovering surfaces add further creative dimension to the printed artwork to enhance the design. These textures can also provide a solution to masking poor wall surface finishes in renovation projects when teamed with appropriate printed designs.



A fine-grain sand blasted stipple that is subtle and alluring. This uniform texture enhances visual impact for high-end graphics and art photography making it perfect for vast ambient backdrops.



A random fibre effect with a soft satin look and feel.
This emboss diffuses light beautifully and adds an understated grace to both bold and muted colours..



A creased paper texture resembling crumpled parchment. Ideal for bold graphics with good depth of colour, this emboss is attractively tactile, and adds an edge to the graphics.



A beautifully subtle textured plaster effect reminiscent of coated wall surfaces and architectural decorations. Classically sophisticated, this finish is versatile working harmoniously with ambient backdrops as well as vibrant showcase murals.



A soft linen texture with a subtle light reflective finish that will add a timeless look to any interior. This versatile emboss works perfectly with a wide range of designs and styles without diminishing the impact of the printed artwork.

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