36 years and counting

The Signbox team has been over 36 years in the making; as captains of this incredible creative ship, we’re as proud as punch.

Mark Bartlett, Managing Director

Mark is our Managing Director and co-founder and aligner of vision and virtuosity. His vision is innovation, intelligently designed products and technologies that enhance lives and sustain environments. Virtuosity is what we use to apply it.

Matt Wilkins, Director

Director and co-founder and freethinking creative and then some, Matt designs. He produces beautiful arrangements with ingenuity, applying the brand and projecting its corporate persona into our schemes with a respect and finesse that always feels right.

Brett Bailey, Operations Director

The man with the finger on the pulse, Brett’s corporate responsibilities are as wide as the road is long. From the people to the profit, the where we stand now to the where we go next, we’re in safe hands.

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