Hybrid Sign System – a fusion of eco bamboo and contemporary sign materials

Our new Hybrid Sign System, a fusion of eco bamboo and contemporary sign materials, is making waves where robust, sustainable sign solutions need to deliver a powerful visual impact and stunning effects that enhance environments.

Hybrid is the term used to describe a mix of elements with desirable characteristics and nowhere is that more applicable than with Signbox’s premium modular outdoor sign system that combines the relentlessly durable and sustainable qualities of exterior-grade bamboo with more traditional signage materials, such as steel, glass. This sign system even allows options for extremely efficient LED illumination.

The result is Hybrid Sign System, a beautiful, ecologically-sensitive, highly sustainable signage solution that’s versatile and flexible brings every hotel signage scheme, commercial signage scheme, university signage, high end residential, public building signage solution – even a woodland setting sign scheme to life. From eye-catching exterior architectural signage to wayfinding signage that welcomes and wows, Hybrid Sign System is the answer to every tailored, sustainable signage challenge.

Hybrid Sign System is engineered with high quality signage components that are tailored from the ground up to support single post signs, twin post signs and fin bamboo signage structures as well as the frame, branding panel, a totally secure base fitting and optional illumination. Signbox Hybrid is a fusion of elegant, yet hardworking signage materials, simple modular sign design and aesthetically-pleasing, versatile signage schemes that anyone can create.

Straightforward to design and with seamless, step-by-step installation, Hybrid Sign System creates groundbreaking impact and effects that blend with the environment effortlessly thanks to its graceful lines and the use of bamboo, a nature-rich component that delivers incredible benefits not only for architectural building signage, but for any brand with an eye on ecology and sustainability. As with most hard woods the bamboo weathers with a slight tone of grey over time.

Bamboo isn’t just beautiful – it’s stable, economical and remarkably sustainable. Bamboo is also incredibly tough – with a weather resistance that will out-perform the best quality tropical hardwoods, bamboo has the perfect ecological credentials for exterior signage solutions that need to stay looking good for years. Then, at the end of its natural life, it’s completely recyclable – sustainable bamboo signage offers the best solution in terms of value added and the lowest environmental impact possible.

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