sustainable hybrid sign system

A unique and market leading design of a sign system that has consideration in its design for it being a sustainable product to the environment.

This signage system is an exterior grade flexible sign system that uses a set of components that allow flexibility in developing a sign system from single fin to double fin and even illuminated if required. We can tailor the size, height and branding to suit your requirements.

Manufactured from sustainable Bamboo planks. The new Hybrid exterior wayfinding sign designed and manufactured by Signbox from bamboo composite is strong and reliable, of a high quality and very aesthetically pleasing. This is one of the most sustainable materials in the world due to the speed bamboo grows. Treated accordingly, bamboo is a very durable material. The special thermo-density process used in manufacture increases the strength of the bamboo, significantly improving the hardness of this product.

After pressing, the material is stronger and harder than almost any other hardwood in the world, making it a perfect hardwood structural signage alternative.  This signage system gives maximum flexibility of size, shape and design. It is designed around being flexible in using a set of components that can allow easy adaptations of different sign systems in the design process, from single post to double post systems and choices on branding boards. If you need illuminated solutions, we can even accommodate this with low power high brightness LEDs. The lighting is low energy and again plains on the sustainability elements of the design.

We recommend talking to the team on the design of this sign system. If ordering a standard product please upload your artwork.  Click here...

There are  choices on height and branding on this design - we will colour this back board according to your branding

If you need help with artwork please contact us . 

Ideal for:

  • Hotel Signage
  • Wayfinding solutions
  • Driveway signage
  • Company Exterior signage
  • Public spaces signage
  • University and school signage
  • Urban area signage
  • Woodland signage