Digital art – beautiful works of art to cover any size, any space with impact

For clients who want to convey a particular message, project a certain style or simply need to reinforce their brand identity, digital canvas prints are the perfect media for corporate art that really stands out.

Digital art, Signbox style, is available at virtually any size to cover spaces and environments with dynamic, creative impact.

We inkjet print the specially profiled canvas at high resolution, then stretch and staple it onto softwood frames ready for hanging with concealed split battens. Because every environment is different, this bespoke approach to corporate, digital art means that every application, every first impression is completely unique.

Signbox can source images that convey exactly the right mood or message from all major picture libraries or, for clients who already have an image in digital format that says it all and needs the Signbox treatment, we can create a bold, beautiful work of art in no time.

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Works of art for every environment

Our range of display products represents just part of a unique collection of solutions that we’ve created for organisations who want to present and express themselves in a more coherent, more aspired style.

In truth, our signage solutions work because of the way we work. Our project managers invest time and energy getting to the heart of a building, its physical form and its people to create a sign scheme that answers questions of aesthetics, practicalities and corporate branding with consistency and grace.

We have an award-winning approach to conceptual design that embraces new, energy efficient technologies, including LED illumination and innovative materials that originate from recycled or sustainable sources. And, of course, we are committed to our own benchmarked standards of quality and best practice throughout our operations.

We are the specifier’s first choice for schemes that encompass architectural signage, wayfinding signage, corporate identity signage and a range of commercial signage solutions that suit the applications, environments and budgets of forward thinking organisations everywhere.