Teslaflex – the fast, flexible display solution that changes everything

Introducing Teslaflex. Time to get creative and then some.

It’s all change with Teslaflex, quite possibly the world’s most flexible display system. Ultra-lightweight and super-easy, quick and clean to apply, it’s changing the way people look at display – and the way we work it.

The secret lies in a mastery of display materials. It’s a genius printable ferrous film with a high-grade flexible magnetic base and self-adhesive back that’s durable, cost-effective and can be installed on any flat surface that has something to shout about. But the real joy of Teflaflex is the speed and ease with which its components can be removed, reused and adapted to update the message, to shift the focus or simply to keep it relevant and fresh.

This versatility makes it perfect for impactful short-term branding, workplace graphics, signage or marketing messages. A POS dream for the retailer, an inspiration for the workplace and a doddle for promotional displays that can be changed at a moment’s notice, Teslaflex produces superb photographic quality graphics that really do demand a second look.

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Transform it all with the industry’s most versatile display solutions

Signbox’s collection of exciting display products has been devised with originality and aspiration in mind. Organisations that engender freedom of expression and freethinking through creativity and innovation can reap the rewards of a motivated, inspired workforce and a space that sparks delight in its occupants and guests.

We know this because we’ve seen how our display solutions work and what they can achieve in a raft of commercial environments. Thanks to the remarkable insight of our project managers who invest time and energy getting to the heart of a building, its physical form and its people, we’re creating powerful signage schemes that answer the questions of aesthetics, practicalities and corporate branding with consistency, grace and impetus.

That’s why we’re the specifier’s first choice for schemes that encompass architectural signage, wayfinding signage, corporate identity signage and a whole range of exciting commercial signage solutions that suit the applications, environments and budgets of forward-thinking organisations everywhere.

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