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You may well have already crossed paths with what3words – if you have the app and are already using it for wayfinding or have read the headlines about how the emergency services are navigating in times of crisis, you’ll appreciate the game-changing mapping qualities of this incredible, but super-simple technology.

In short, what3words is an effortless way of communicating location via a unique three-word address that is assigned to a 3m square anywhere across the globe. People are using its wayfinding mastery to get to places of interest and meetups, tents at festivals and even guide mountain rescue teams during emergencies. By way of an example, gold.worked.slim will bring you straight to the front door here at Signbox – and that’s something a Google search and, for many destinations, a postcode can’t even do accurately.

As well as integrating your unique what3words address into your wayfinding signage, interior signage and exterior signage scheme, by extending it to your website, corporate stationary and other literature, your business can thrive still further. Logistics departments can improve your last-mile delivery efficiency by up to 44%, e-commerce organisations can eliminate many frustrating delivery failures and, thanks to multilingual support, everyone can experience a new seamless generation of navigation to anywhere in the world.

To find out how your signage solution with what3words integration can enhance your customers’ experience and their journey, talk to Signbox about creating a totally customised signage strategy that takes you right to the door.

But there is considerably more to what3words than sharing coordinates – and the good news for the business community is that it’s likely to improve your operational efficiency, enhance your customers’ experience and their journey to you to boot. Regardless of your industry, if your business utilises e-commerce, logistics, travel, meetings and wayfinding, what3words is likely to save you time with pinpoint precision, money and see your customer retention and reward rocket.

what3words as a totally customised wayfinding signage strategy

When it comes to implementing a wayfinding signage strategy, what3words looks set to revolutionise how your workforce, customers and visitors travel to you and navigate your business environment. For students on vast university campuses, visitors to sports stadia, large commercial sites and to businesses set in rural locations that don’t conform to traditional address systems, wayfinding signage just got seriously exciting.

Interior signage systems, external signage systems and bespoke wayfinding systems now have exponential value when it comes to directing your visitors. Signbox has devised a totally customised wayfinding solution composed of sustainable bamboo, satin-etched silicate glass and an NFC tag and which incorporates your own three-word address. You can find your personal address yourself here (https://what3words.com/daring.lion.race).

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