Large format print digital wallpaper supergraphics

It takes style, substance and a bold approach to create an inspirational working or sales environment. We know – our experience in the dynamic world of environmental graphics is extensive and awesome. That’s why we developed a solution that’s changing the face of interior spaces and setting a perfect scene for productivity and performance at the same time.

Environmental Graphics are the ultimate in corporate statement making and they’re setting aspirational moods and motivating teams through high quality, personalised and branded schemes that defy convention.

To create our stunning digitally printed wall graphics we inkjet print large format images onto Digimura 2.1, a material fire rated to EN13501 and compliant to EN15102. The result: vibrant, high resolution imagery that transforms walls, break-out areas, meeting rooms and sales spaces into attention grabbing showcases and creates an unforgettable first impression.

Digital wallpaper is an innovative display solution for workplace environments and office graphics and dictates an inspirational, more conceptual approach.  Digital printing for walls stimulates, excites and conveys a businesses brand identity.  It’s the perfect solution for new build, contemporary and refurbished interiors that need a versatile, eye-catching backdrop to communicate messages, reinforce brand identity and galvanise.

Our environmental graphics come in many sizes, shapes and designs, all tailored to project your brand identity in the perfect light.  From full wall coverings, printed wall murals to office graphics and large format wall graphics, we can design, print and fit to your exact requirements.


This convention-defying digital print technology promises outstanding results for large format wallcoverings – regardless of the size, space or medium. We’ve made it easy to get creative with photographs, graphics, corporate imagery, logos and text to make an impact on a seriously grand scale. Even wayfinding is now more ingenious with a contemporary twist on directional signage that’s fun and interesting and helps to define a building’s fabric and philosophy.

In truth, our environmental signage solutions work because of the way we work. Our project managers invest time and energy getting to the heart of a building, its physical form and its people to create a sign scheme that answers questions of aesthetics, practicalities and corporate branding with consistency and grace.

We have an award-winning approach to conceptual design that embraces new, energy efficient technologies, including LED illumination and innovative materials that originate from recycled or sustainable sources. And, of course, we are committed to our own benchmarked standards of quality and best practice throughout our operations.

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