digital signage for wayfinding & interactive, personalised content display

When it comes to digital displays, a digital signage system is a truly dynamic medium that always puts on the finest show. The latest digital display systems bring customised content creation and high quality text, graphics and video images that help organisations communicate and convey information in their own unique style. 

A sophisticated range of free-standing and wall-mounted high definition displays, Signbox’s range of digital advertising screens can be used for numerous signage applications, including interactive wayfinding, advertising, information display and as a welcome board for corporate events or locations.


Signbox’s extensive and cutting edge range of digital display screens are the perfect solution to a plethora of digital display requirements.  

Wayfinding – Our screens offer unparalleled wayfinding functionality with optional touch.  Guide your customers and visitors through your premises, campus or retail environment quickly and easily with interactive display screens.

Retail – Advertise product promotions, promote new collections and so much more with digital screens.  Each screen can be controlled from one central location so if you have a collection of screens in one premises, or across hundreds of stores, the content can be controlled from one cloud login so updating and co-ordinating promotions across stores has never been simpler.  

Corporate – Keep your team up to date with sales stats, stock levels and much more with office screens.  Simply hook them up to your own CRM systems and display the latest stats and company data. Alongside this, our meeting room screens can be used as whiteboards and are fully interactive! 

Signbox digital signage can provide solutions to a huge range of industries including; 

Our remarkable range of display products is just one of a collection of solutions we’ve created for organisations who want to present and express themselves in a more coherent, more aspired style.

For 36 years the Signbox name has been synonymous with cutting edge sign design and world class signage manufacture. Today we’re helping companies, buildings and estates across the world project themselves with the same ingenious imagery that other sign manufacturers are now measured by.

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Our extensive range of digital screens include ultra high brightness window display screens, wayfinding screens, touch screens, POS screens and much more, all available with an award winning CMS system controlled by a simple cloud log in.  Each screen houses commercial grade components, can be run 24/7 and is supplied with a 3 year warranty and lifetime technical support.  Popularly in corporate, hotel and leisure, retail and travel and education facilities.

Digital advertising signage display screens and digital wayfinding screens are truly dynamic mediums.  The ability to change the message on a screen at the click of a button makes it some of the best targeted advertising out there.  The high vibrancy screens will turn heads and capture attention in the most exciting way possible. 

External Digital Screens

State of the art commercial grade digital advertising screens all with 3 year warranty and lifetime technical support.  Our fantastic range of professional advertising screens include 4K displays, PCAP touch screens, digital wayfinding screens, ultra-bright sunlight readable screens and so much more along with digital advertising screen mounts and brackets. 

These robust, commercial grade screens are built to withstand the external environment and are weatherproof (IP65), vandal proof (5mm toughened glass / hidden controls) and can be used 24/7

View our range of outdoor digital signs for advertising. Choose from a battery powered A-board display, freestanding digital poster or wall mounted outdoor advertising display.

Digital Screen mounts & brackets

Signbox offers a complete solution to our digital screen ranges by providing mounts and brackets for all our screens. 

Our large selection of digital screen brackets can accommodate all screen sizes we have available and can including specially designed mounts for touch screens. 

Browse our digital screen mounts and brackets range that includes ceiling hanging screen mounts, landscape and portrait wall mounts, kiosk floor mounts, portable screen trolley mounts and more. 

E- paper signage

Signbox are an authorised reseller of Papercast® E-paper Displays, the world leader in battery and solar powered e-paper displays. 

Papercast e-paper displays represent a breakthrough in the field of public transportation information systems. These innovative digital signage solutions utilise electronic paper technology to deliver real-time, dynamic content in a visually engaging and energy-efficient manner.


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