Signbox ‘On Pole’ for London Fire Brigade’s station rebuild

Visual communications specialist Signbox has completed an architectural signage project for the London Fire Brigade as part of a private finance initiative (PFI) throughout the capital, providing a flexible, efficient and effective fire and rescue service for London. Nine stations in total have been rebuilt, including Mitcham, OId Kent Road, Orpington and Plaistow, Dagenham, Dockhead, Leyston, Purley and Shadwell.

HTA Architects, via designer Rosie Smith, approached Signbox on the back of recommendation from Kier Construction, to deliver a comprehensive and robust signage package that demanded quality materials and installation to ensure it was manufactured for longevity, with the flexibility to work efficiently with other sub-contractors and meeting the tight project schedule.

As part of the project, Signbox built and installed:

External signage including:

  • Post and plank mounted signs finished with a vitreous enamel coating, similar to that of the London Underground signage, which is highly durable, resistant to graffiti and is the finish of choice for quality signs in the 21st Century.
  • Marine grade stainless steel lettering for easy maintenance.
  • Red enamelled aluminium trays

Internal signage including:

  • Elegant anti-graffiti modular sign system with the flexibility to change to reflect organisational adjustments
  • Manifestation graphics on glazed partitions
  • Bespoke-made statutory fire signage to complement individual buildings

Mark Bartlett, Managing Director, Signbox: “As you expect from such an organisation as the emergency services, the brief here was thorough, specific and required attention to detail. The fire and rescue services need to be able to focus on their job and clear branding is an important part of ensuring they can operate in an efficient manner. The bespoke signage solutions we used, which met the London Fire Brigade’s distinct brand colours, sourced materials that are built to last but also minimise the impact on the environment.