The Charter Building in Uxbridge has been transformed into a contemporary, high specification and very collaborative workspace

Once the former headquarters of Coca Cola UK, The Charter Building in Uxbridge has been transformed into a contemporary, high specification and very collaborative workspace following an extensive refurbishing and remodelling programme. Now extending to over 240,000 sq. ft., including a magnificent, four-storey atrium, The Charter Building is one of the largest new office buildings in the South East.

Working closely with Siren Design, Signbox was commissioned to deliver a comprehensive internal wayfinding solution and external illuminated signage for the building to reflect the quality and simplicity of the new workspace.

THE CHALLENGES: The Charter Building is vast; spread over five storeys above ground and with four basement level car parks, each floor is over an acre in size. It houses two sets of lift cores, 12 individual stairways and hundreds of doors that serve different segments and floors that span the huge building. A project of this scale, coupled with the complex cedar cladding on the façade presented a number of challenges that we had to overcome.

THE TECHNICAL DETAIL: As part of a simple, icon-led wayfinding solution, we created various ingenious door graphics, wayfinding symbols and floor-level information using the latest high-tack, self-adhesive Mactac films. These fire retardant, laminated graphics were applied to a wide range of surfaces from plasterboard and doors, brick and concrete walls to the car park floor.

The main external illuminated signage was installed at high level and drilled through the tiled cladding of the very distinctive external façade. This element of the project proved particularly challenging as the building was 99% completed – so adding fixings and power to the sign was far from straightforward. A similar issue was encountered inside the building, but by manufacturing the lettering on concealed rails behind the surface, we were able to avoid any visible cables and fixings. The solid, 30mm opal acrylic letters now radiate beautifully from the spectacular cedar cladding on the South reception.

THE RESULT: Our simple, considered signage solution has been applied throughout the building and delivers everything required of the brief. From the striking sense of arrival that’s experienced at both entrances to the reassuring guidance of the graphics that crosses the building’s doors, floors and vast office spaces, The Charter Building is now a stunning, vibrant workspace that inspires motivation, productivity and pride.