Workplace Branding

A sure sign that your business delivers – for everyone

Done right, your brand will be the hardest working member of your team. It’ll be out there, projecting, advertising, enticing and keeping your corporate identity clear and consistent at every touchpoint. You’ll have your brand vision, mission and personality all wrapped up and engaging because that’s how we really need to work it. Isn’t it?

It is, but that’s really only half the story when it comes to the role of the brand. The real heart of a brand is the sum of its parts – it’s our people, and where, how and why we work the way we do that really underpins everything our brand stands for.

In short, it’s about applying and building your brand in the workplace. Your brand mission statement will say much about your values, your vision and how your customers see you – but what about your people? How do they feel about the brand they’re such an integral part of? Are they inspired by your brand and have the sense of loyalty to it that every employer covets? Does your brand mean enough to them to make them work hard, enjoy their working day and, ultimately, stay?

Workplace branding is big for business. Brand culture and the workplace are inextricably linked, but it’s how you apply it that will speak volumes about your brand – and you as an employer.

Building a personal brand in the workplace – how to get your brand on top

Most employers will say that it’s never been harder to inspire brand loyalty and productivity in the workplace. The advent of hybrid working, remote working, hot desking and co-working and the pressure for everyone to stay flexible, yet motivated, is unrelenting. Like a badly-stage-managed play, disconnects will surface and that’s no good for business – or anyone’s audience.

By building your personal brand in the workplace effectively, you’ll be creating a familiar, welcoming sense of unity that work colleagues will want to return to, stay for longer and feel the connection they want and need to perform. Sharing your brand and its ethos among your workforce will not just elevate their internal employee experience, it will create a sense of aspiration and opportunity and have a positive impact on the job they do.

And that’s the art of workplace branding.

Applying personal branding in the workplace is a fundamental part of what Signbox does every day. We use signage in all its forms to create an instant, dynamic perception of the brand and the bigger picture to inspire brand loyalty from our customers, our partners – and our people in the workplace.

Create the right brand culture in the workplace and you’ll see employee satisfaction and retention, motivation and productivity and the draw of new talent rise exponentially.

Your workplace branding checklist

We start with psychology. It’s about human behaviour after all; how we interact with our work environment, how we move within it and the way we rely on structures, symbols and devices to inform us, guide us and protect us.

Then we apply the brand in ways it can do its job appropriately across the hardest working signage tools in our arsenal. We take brand logos, graphics, typography, colour palettes and icons and incorporate them into these key elements of a workplace branding scheme:

      • Wayfinding signage to guide and direct

      • Environmental graphics and digital wallpaper supergraphics to showcase and transform

      • Banner display art to screen, sell and launch

      • Glass manifestation for privacy, decoration and safety

      • Directory and room signage to navigate and reassure

      • LED illumination to capture attention and display

    A typical workplace branding scheme may incorporate all or a selection of these elements, but all will serve the same purpose – to add unity, harmony and a sense of community that we all want to feel part of.

    Workplace branding examples

    You can see how Signbox has applied workplace branding schemes in our case studies. Please take a look at these great examples of workplace branding to see how building your brand in the workplace speaks volumes to incredible effect for respected names such as 22 Bishopsgate, Cancer Research, Hachette, British Airways and Expedia.

    Everyone’s a brand ambassador in the workplace. Let’s keep it that way.

    If you’d like to know more about workplace branding and how to make your brand the hardest working member of your team, call our workplace branding experts on 44 (0) 1784 438 688 and we’ll help you develop the right brand identity for the job.

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