Naturally anti-microbial copper film

Touching on copper as a solution for COVID-19 infection rate control

Did you know copper can stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in its tracks? Thanks to a study by Southampton University, we’re shouting about how SteriMax anti-microbial copper film has harnessed copper’s natural microbe-killing qualities and could revolutionise the way we control the spread of coronavirus infections. This copper film called Sterimax can be used in manifestation and signage to help stop the spread on touch surfaces of signs

In short, this ingenious film can be used on any surface – think door handles, public transport seats, classroom tables, canteens, lift buttons, cashpoint machines and shopping trolleys – essentially a multitude of high-traffic touchpoints that are breeding grounds for infection transmission.

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone, everywhere and we’re all adapting to what we call the ‘new normal’ with new rules and processes – even our language is evolving with lockdown, social distancing, self-isolation and the R-rate becoming the all new, ubiquitous parlance.

Ironic then that a product relied on by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians could prove to be an effective tool in the battle to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We’re talking copper – and the revelation that this common metal, which been around for centuries has anti-microbial properties that destroy microbes that carry bacteria, such as coronavirus, within minutes.

SteriMax anti-bacterial copper film has been designed to harness these microbe-killing qualities and cut the rate of transmission of coronaviruses fast by applying it to everyday, high-traffic touchpoints that are breeding grounds for bacterial spread.

The science bit…

When copper oxidises, it releases highly reactive oxygen hydroxide atoms and, in doing so, it triggers a destructive chain reaction that pulls electrons from cell wall lipids, oxygen or proteins. This reaction then ruptures the membranes of cells and kills the bacteria. Copper is toxic to the inside of the cell and rapidly damages its energy and DNA production, which stops the bacteria from replicating.

And that is how copper kills microbes…

How SteriMax could help in the fight against COVID-19

In 2015, Southampton University research concluded that copper alloy surfaces could help control transmission of coronaviruses, including MERS and SARS. Although how COVID-19 reacts on copper is, as yet, untested, the likelihood is that it’ll achieve the same result.

SteriMax anti-microbial copper film looks set to revolutionise the way we can control the spread of coronavirus infections, including COVID-19, by using it to cover common objects, such as handles, railings, buttons and device screens – essentially any touchpoint. From stainless steel and ceramics to silicon rubber, PVC, Teflon and glass – the surface of many everyday objects could be rendered bacteria-free within minutes. Add social distancing, safety signage and good hygiene to the mix and it’s easy to see how SteriMax can support safe working and safe travel in the post-COVID world.

The applications are vast; door handles public transport seating, classroom tables and canteens, hairdressers’ chairs, lift buttons, cashpoint machines and shopping trolleys – and the scope for copper as a control against coronavirus is as infinite as it critical as we acclimatise to our new normal.

SteriMax anti-microbial copper film can be used indefinitely on any of these surfaces to prevent the spread of harmful microbes by stopping them in their tracks. The film is 150mic thick with a weight of 138gsm and is available in adhesive and non-adhesive versions so it’s ultra-flexible as well as being harmless to people and the environment.

Easy to apply by cutting to size and wrapping around the surfaces of objects, SteriMax can do much to enhance a COVID-19 social distancing and safety strategy and give workforces, students and the visiting public confidence that their environment and everyday touchpoints are as harmless as they can possibly be.

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As the saying goes, we’re in it together – indeed this sense of collective responsibility regarding COVID-19 prevention mixed with a little innovation using materials we’ve long taken for granted can go a very long way.