How to use architectural signage to create the ultimate hotel guest experience

The success of the hotel and hospitality sector depends on first impressions and lasting memories – wow them from check-in to departure day and you’ll inspire loyalty to your hotel brand and a reputation for stand-out hospitality experiences.

If you want your guests to come back, take their breath away with an architectural hotel signage scheme that is designed specifically to suit hospitality sector environments. Use intelligent, technology-focused hotel signage schemes to transform the hotel experience for everyone.

Signbox is the name behind the UK’s leading hotel signage solutions and our signs are hard at work in hotels and hospitality environments across the world. Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa from Limassol in Cyprus, is one of the international hotels we worked with recently, where we’ve developed and manufactured an extensive range of interior and exterior signs. We know what it takes to design and deliver an intelligent hotel signage solution that keeps guests not only relaxed and rejuvenated but returning and recommending too.

This is how Signbox architectural hotel sign solutions make that winning difference to every guest, every stay…

Five top architectural hotel sign solutions that guests love

1. Internal and external hotel wayfinding signs

Show your guests the way and help them feel informed, safe and engaged with hotel wayfinding signage solutions that convey hotel information and direct visitors to rooms and locations effortlessly. Choose from easy to install off-the-shelf Signbox Signkit signs to our bespoke architectural hotel signs that shout creativity and impact that enlightens, inside and out.

2. Hotel wall art and supergraphics signage schemes

Take a bold approach and transform your hospitality space with Signbox environmental graphics, digital wallpaper, glass manifestation and supergraphics for hotel interiors. Create eye-catching backdrops, communicate hotel messaging and reinforce your hotel brand with stunning, unforgettable hotel signage statements.

3. Hotel room signs

From Signbox hotel guest room signs to our business centre meeting room signs, the art of an effective room identification signage scheme lies in a coherent, consistent approach that should be simple, yet attractive, subtle, but hardworking. Think room signage schemes from low-cost, low maintenance LED hotel room signs that are visible in low-lit corridors to intelligent room-status signs that slide or light up to keep everyone informed.

4. Hotel safety signs and statutory signage

Hotel statutory signage must be compliant, effective and positioned at strategic points to keep guests safe at all times. Signbox mandatory safety signsfire signs, hazard and warning signs are all essential to guest safety and can incorporate DDA compliant features, such as tactile and Braille signage elements that are accessible to all, including visually impaired hotel guests.

5. Hotel architectural brand signs

From the hotel car park sign that welcomes to the reception area that stuns with next-generation interactive signage technology – the sky’s the limit when it comes to promoting the brand through a powerful architectural hotel signage scheme. Signbox monolith signs, fingerpost signs, LED illuminated signs and sustainable hybrid sign signs are all designed to create a harmonised approach and superlative welcome. Signbox modular sign systems, digital signage and interactive check-in signage go further still inside the hotel building with seamless guest check-ins and effortless interactions with their surroundings.

If you want to create that critical first impression that speaks volumes about your hotel brand and delivers a guest experience they’ll remember for all the right reasons, talk to Signbox about our award-winning hotel signage solutions.

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