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Sign up to sustainable hospitality and become the traveller’s first choice

It’s a sign of the times that an ethical approach to hospitality can spur travellers to make choices that reward hosts who are good at driving eco-friendly agendas. It’s no secret that eco-conscious consumers are willing to pay more for goods and services that imbue environmental responsibility either.

So, what more can you do to attract and retain the guests who value sustainable hospitality?

For a start, there’s more to the quest for eco-friendly enlightenment than LED light bulbs and taking an axe to all-things plastic. If you really want to show your approach to sustainable hospitality and create a sense of greenness for your guests from the off, you need to get your message out front and centre.

The best place to start is with sustainable architectural signage that welcomes, guides and informs. It should come with impact and a reassuring visibility from the approach. It should then continue through the reception to the lift lobbies and corridors.

Signbox is one of the signage industry’s leaders in sustainable signage. That’s why we have a great range of eco-friendly sign solutions and products that can make a real difference to guests on the hunt for ‘greenness’.   

Beautiful, sustainable exterior bamboo signage

The Signbox Hybrid Sign System is a sustainable outdoor wayfinding sign system. It combines the weather resistant, sustainable qualities of exterior-grade bamboo with traditional signage materials. These include steel, glass and energy-efficient LED illumination – all bring hotel environments to life with ease.

Hybrid is a beautiful wayfinding solution. It’s tailored from the ground up to support single post and twin post signs as well as bamboo fin signs. It sits perfectly at home in woodland hotel settings, gardens and grounds.

It’s also easy to install and is affordable and tough. Hybrid’s bamboo structure has a weather resistance that will out-perform the best quality tropical hardwoods. Most importantly, it has powerful eco credentials.

You can find more about Signbox’s Hybrid Sign System at

Sustainable bamboo signage for hotel interiors

Bamboo is a powerful component when it comes to carbon-neutral wayfinding sign systems for interiors too. SignBOO is a wayfinding information sign manufactured from 7mm sheets of bamboo and glass elements. This exciting sustainable interior signage solution draws on the beauty and grace of Hybrid Sign System.

The SignBOO range is designed for the hotel and spa sector. It includes sustainable direction, information and room signs that are cut on a CAD rooter to give a precision, elegant and natural look and feel.

SignBOO can also incorporate stencil-cut graphics and contemporary finishes. These include satin-etched glass, acrylic, slate, brass, copper, corten and stainless steel and give a beautifully bespoke approach to wall and door signs.

Visit the Signbox shop to explore the full SignBOO range at

Solar-powered signage that lights the way

Solar is clearly an unbeatable source when it comes to zero CO2 emissions and energy costs. However, the capabilities of Solar aren’t limited to solar photovoltaic panels on your rooftops.

Signbox’s Solar range includes a fantastic selection of solar-powered signage products. The range includes Solar Case, which is a practical approach to displaying illuminated information. Solar Eye is a stunning solar-powered in-set 360-degree, high-vis delineator. It’s great for footpaths and, with no need for hardwiring, it creates a stunning effect when it winds across hotel grounds. Then there’s Solar Smart Bench. It’s an ingenious outdoor bench that provides beautifully lit seating and includes USB mobile device charging from the solar energy it stores.

Solar Post is central to this superb range. Solar Post is a one-metre high, solar-powered control bollard system. It can be surface mounted or buried. This clever illuminated signage system monitors ambient light levels and automatically anticipates the transition from day to night. It even allows for seasonal changes. Its PIR sensors detect movement up to five metres away and its LEDs brighten the way for 10 seconds before gently dimming again. Solar Post is perfect for hotel car parks and walkways and offers safe, secure lighting with a lovely subtle hue.

View the entire Solar range online at

Combine bamboo and solar to project and impress

If you want to propel your sustainability agenda across your hotel environment and project it to your guests head on, Hybrid Beam will do just that.

Beam by Signbox is solar-powered and mounted on a stunning structural, sustainable bamboo beam. It’s perfect as an illuminated waymarking signage system for all hotel sites. This is a customisable 200m wide bamboo sign with solar-powered lighting. It’s affordable thanks to its low groundworks’ costs. It’s also easy to install and is long-lasting with a typical service life of 25 years. It provides safety, security and guidance for guests with no energy costs or CO2 emissions.

Visit to explore the Hybrid Beam solar sign system.

The full range of Signbox signage products and solutions is led by sustainable materials. These collections show how easy it is for natural resources and low-energy signage to power a robust eco-friendly agenda for all to see.

The industry is facing one of its most challenging eras, so hotels need to take meaningful action when it comes to sustainable hospitality. If you need to attract and retain the valuable eco-conscious guest, sustainable hospitality is a critical path for you.

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