How can environmental graphics transform your workplace?

Brighten and lift, promote productivity and wellbeing and tell the story of your brand using the power of environmental graphics

Signage can all too often be pigeonholed as a means of advertising or guiding people around a building or space. Signbox takes signage into new territory with environmental graphics by using novel materials and applications that create atmosphere and add cohesion into a space, inspiring emotional connections and creativity.


Environmental graphics such as wallcoverings, vinyls and manifestations are also a powerful tool when it comes to telling the story of a building, a brand and its demographic. The presence of a well-structured colour palette, materials and imagery will make a business memorable, conveying stability and trust and turning a dull, generic space into one that has vibrance, energy and life.


Splashes of colour, engaging graphics and textures don’t just brighten a space – they can motivate a team to be more productive and energised and can enhance their wellbeing. Studies have shown that well-executed environmental displays improve team happiness levels and productivity; employees possess a deeper sense of company pride and loyalty when they’re in a visually inspiring environment.


Couple this with the positive way visitors and customers will perceive your company and the importance of investing in a workplace interior that sings visually can’t be underestimated.


What are environmental graphics and why are they so important now?

Environmental graphics are displays that work to enhance the workplace environment. These stunning wallcovering, glass manifestation and wall mural designs can be applied to all types of surfaces, including walls, floors, windows, and ceilings. 


The most effective environmental graphics combine form and function to transform spaces into unique and memorable areas. They provide a layered experience in which identity, imagery and sense of place are enhanced through emotional triggers and touchpoints. Executed well, environmental signs and graphics enhance both the functional and emotional experience of the space.


It’s also important to consider the way we work post-pandemic – it has changed forever and, with hybrid working so popular now, employees’ expectations of the workplace have changed too. If we are going to make a physical journey into the office, we want the experience to be enjoyable, engaging and comfortable. The importance of aesthetics in the workplace and its impact on productivity, engagement, loyalty and satisfaction in our workplaces has never been more salient.


Vibrant wallcoverings and manifestations graphics can be used to transform blank and sterile office walls and create breakout areas and meeting rooms where people want to come together and work. Exciting colours, soft textures, biophilic schemes and biomimicry create enticing spaces to collaborate in and add much to the overall experience. Engaging workspaces also engender feelings of appreciation and recognition for the work people do; it follows that, if you have an aesthetically pleasing place to work, you’ll be encouraged to work longer hours. We want homes to be attractive and comfortable – the same should be expected from our office environments.


Tailor your environmental graphics to your demographic to make the scheme sing

Understanding your demographic when selecting images, colours, materials, iconography and typography is vital to the success of your scheme. Do you want to create a formal corporate environment, a calm peaceful space or somewhere that’s vibrant, energised and collaborative? The effect and ambience you want to achieve will determine the imagery and colour palette you use and the way you apply it.


If your aim is to create an immersive experience, consider striking floor-to-ceiling graphics wrapped around an entire room and you’ll create an impactful space with texture that adds vital layers to the design. Adding soft fabric finishes to the design will create warmth, offer contrast to typically hard plastic, metal and glass office surfaces and support your acoustics too.


What’s key to your teams and visitors is that they have an enjoyable, positive experience when they’re in the building and that the feeling remains when they leave.


Shape your brand’s visual identity and tell your story

Your brand identity is one of your company’s most valuable assets and its visual representation is key to how your business is perceived by your workforce and your customers. Strong visual branding reinforces your brand’s core values and speaks volumes about your company culture, mission and values.


Intelligent, articulate environmental graphics can help to shape the visual identity of your brand and, in the process, give your teams a deeper sense of community, company pride and loyalty. It’s also a clever way to tell your organisation’s story, translating it to everyone who enters or inhabits your space.


What we do with environmental graphics at Signbox

At Signbox, we understand the importance of carefully considered colour, materials and design in signage and we know how these elements tell the story of buildings, brands and demographics. Incorporate them sensitively into an environmental graphics scheme and you’re likely to improve the wellbeing and productively of your entire team in the process.


We have a world of experience in environmental graphics and, thanks to our cutting-edge printing equipment, we can conceive and create an entire scheme in house. Our large format images are digitally inkjet-printed onto optically clear vinyl for glazing manifestation or Digimura 2.1, a wallcovering compliant to EN13501 Fire rating. You can read more about this in our landmark London case study.


The result is vibrant, high-resolution imagery that transforms walls, break-out areas, meeting rooms and sales spaces into attention grabbing showcases. The perfect solution for new build, contemporary and refurbished interiors, versatile digital wallpaper communicates messages, reinforces brand identities and creates a perfect working environment. See how we did just this for Pernod Ricard.


If you’d like our help to design your workplace scheme, please contact or sign up for our ‘Innovation in Materials, Sustainability & Systems’ CPD, which educates and shares a wide range of applications for innovative and impactful environmental graphics. Sign up here.


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