Discover the art of glass with manifestation that transforms buildings, brands and wellbeing

When it comes the transformational qualities of signage materials, there’s nothing that can rival the aesthetic and mood-boosting power of glass. Signbox’s talk about how glass can do more for your building, your brand and your workforce than you think.


Create stunning visual environments with glass to promote performance – and your brand

It you want to make a visual impact in your office interior – take a closer look at glass manifestation film. It can transform an otherwise standard office interior into an inspirational working environment with some exciting additional benefits.


Cutting-edge glass manifestation films deliver cost-effective and environmentally friendly signage solutions that meet the demands of corporate branding, privacy and workplace safety. But, more than that, they deliver a sense of wellbeing and motivation to everyone who works within.


Striking manifestations that can improve wellbeing and sharpen your brand

Feature glass within an office environment can sharpen a brand whilst creating a stunning visual impact by using coloured films or intricate and vibrant layered graphics. This is an inexpensive way for architects, designers and fit-out contractors to transform break out areas, meeting rooms and internal office glazing.


Studies have proven that when vibrant colours are brought into the workplace and complemented by a clever use of biomimicry and biophilic design, the effect can substantially contribute to a more productive and happier workplace. So, by using glass manifestation to transform the architectural environment, its landscape and the internal finishes of a building, you’ll stimulate and energise your staff at the same time.


Office workspaces are increasingly demanding a more dynamic approach to environmental graphic design and manufacture as they seek to engage more intuitively with their staff and visitors and inspire everyone to connect to their brand.


Manifestation graphics are cost-effective, environmentally sensitive solutions that meet the challenges of branding and privacy, daylighting, energy efficiency, workplace wellbeing, safety and, crucially, communication.


It’s vital that, when selecting manifestation film, you consider several key factors. These include print quality, vibrancy, the longevity of the film and the ease with which it can be installed and removed. Get this wrong and you could incur additional charges when you want to change the manifestation panels further down the line.


How Signbox is revolutionising the appearance of glass

At Signbox, we’re using manifestation film to achieve outstanding environmental graphics across corporate, education and hotel and leisure sectors. At the same time, we’re revolutionising the appearance of manifestation graphics and glazed partitions, screens and windows, safely and efficiently.


We use premium and environmentally friendly non-PVC glass manifestation films that are optically clear and hard-coated with a scratch-resistant finish, which makes them highly durable and easy to clean. Our manifestation graphics are printed at 1740dpi on our Durst P10 160 UV curable fine art inkjet printer and comply with all relevant building regulations and fire and safety standards. Our digital glazing film is printed using Green Guard accredited inks and is fully DDA compliant. It also forms part of our sustainable product portfolio.


We recently completed a magnificent and very sustainable project at 100 Bishopsgate for one of the oldest international law firms in the world. We were tasked with creating a 3D manifestation graphic for a network of glass meeting rooms across all 13 floors of the building. Using biophilic design, our images formed part of a forest concept featuring foliage, trees and birds. Each were applied to glass panels that captured the natural light, energising the interior workspaces and bringing the outside in to promote a healthy, productive working environment. Thanks to this superb optically clear premium film, we were able to layer the ink to achieve the vibrant 3D effect the client wanted to achieve.


A powerful element in our portfolio of signage solutions

In keeping with the Signbox philosophy, digital glazing film forms a powerful element in our portfolio of signage solutions that:

  • Complements the architectural environment, its landscape and the internal finishes of a building
  • Enhances the visitor and workplace experience and invites everyone to engage in their surroundings
  • Remains sensitive and faithful to brand identity
  • Is a cost-effective, forward-thinking signage solution that lasts
  • Complies with all local planning requirements and DDA regulations

Customised digital imagery applied to ordinary, flat glass can transform it with spectacular effect making it perfect for high impact advertising, branding and decoration to more effective privacy applications that are completely DDA compliant.


Glass manifestation conforms to DDA regulations


Consider etched effect vinyl graphics that can enhance the appearance of the office interior whilst lending a seamless seclusion to break-out areas and meeting rooms. It serves as a practical application and a simple answer for designers and architects tasked with meeting the demands of workplace planning requirements and DDA regulations.


The Code of Practice states that glazed walls should conform to British Standard 6262:

‘The surface of glazed walls and screens that are adjacent to doors, or form part of an enclosure, should be clearly highlighted with a manifestation which contrasts visually with the surface behind it under both natural and artificial lighting conditions. This manifestation should be located within two zones, from 850 mm to 1000 mm from the floor and from 1400 mm to 1600 mm from the floor.’


Want to bring your workspace to life with glass?

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