Outstanding hospitality signage manufactured for Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Signbox was commissioned by F3 Architects to manufacture and deliver bespoke hospitality signage for Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the greatest and most innovative stadium in the world.

Working very closely with F3 Architects, who were responsible for designing the premium interiors of the new stadium, Signbox developed the designs, material palette and finishes to align with the client supplied branding for each of the 12 individual restaurants and hospitality spaces across the new stadium.

We fabricated multiple brand and feature signage in acrylic, brass, aluminium, steel and Corten to name a few. Almost every single sign type was unique and as such had to be coded and marked on the plans with its individual location ID. Installed across 9 floors on both the East and West sides of the stadium, the installers covered on average 10km and 12 flights of stairs, working 24|7 to a tight deadline.

Some of the signs were manufactured by Signbox include a super large format NFL logo, ceiling mounted and LED illuminated in the NFL home changing room, routed brass toilet door signs for all the premium hospitality areas and a large variety of fabricated letters, illuminated ‘neon’ signage and many other bespoke sign solutions inside the Tunnel Club, the Lower East Side, the H Club and the open plan lounges. We’ve also provided wayfinding signage for Stratus East and Stratus West, a large remote-controlled, LED illuminated M logo for the High Road frontage of the Press and Media lounge, locker numbers and the famous cockerel logo in brushed stainless steel with translucent gold-painted overlay in the Player facilities. Signbox was also commissioned to design, manufacture and install extensive printed glass manifestations for the Tottenham Experience, the Club’s new store.

Collaboration was the key to success

Following on from the success of the previous Spurs project at their training campus (a stone’s throw from the new stadium) ‘The Lodge’ player accommodation, F3 Architects invited Signbox to become involved with the stadium works and to support them in the delivery of the bespoke hospitality, player and media signage across the new stadium for their client Tottenham Hotspur.

Collaboration with the client and BASE Contracts who were responsible for the delivery of the build was the key to success. With F3 Architects, we went through a highly detailed design process for each of the spaces and developed every element of the fixings, specification and location ensuring this was coordinated with the surroundings and making sure the placement for each sign was considered exactly.

As you can imagine, the expectations were high and we faced challenges in the process given the enormity and the importance of the stadium, but we’ve managed to deliver everything on time and at the highest standards.

No part of the process could be overlooked as the client had a passion for an acute level of attention to detail. This required us to ensure we specified high-quality materials, robust production methodology and highly accurate drawings. Every aspect of the installation required detailed coordination and planning with multiple stakeholders including the client, main contractor, fit-out contractor and architects – often all at the same time!” – explains Andy Harris – Senior Project Manager at Signbox.

Outstanding hospitality signage for new £1bn Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Commissioned by F3 Architects, Signbox developed, designed and manufactured, bespoke signage using a range of materials such as brass, copper, Corten steel, acrylic, LED neon and aluminium to create an elaborate suite of signage across the stadium’s premium interiors. Covering 12 premium hospitality spaces, player facilities and media zones over 5 floors on both sides of the ground involved a huge amount of detailed coordination, planning and an awful lot of walking!

One of the more challenging elements was to provide the centrepiece for the NFL spaces in the form of ceiling-mounted, shaped LED illuminated lightboxes. Over 3m wide and 3m tall in the shape of the NFL shield, these pushed the envelope of what is possible using typical fabrication methods.