With the R value dropping, the signs are looking good – is it time to look at yours?

With the ending of ‘Plan B’ restrictions and the guidance to work from home lifting in England and Scotland, people are gradually returning to the office. With employers still required to follow official safety guidance, we’ve seen a fundamental shift as to how the workplace is changing to hybrid working patterns.

Developers and landlords understand the need to reinvent the workplace, with premiums for experiential spaces in which tenants can thrive, socially interact, collaborate and concentrate. Creativity and innovation will distinguish these new spaces and help organisations attract new talent in a competitive market.

The conversation about how to rethink the physical workplace is well underway. But where do you start? How do you prioritise and implement the key factors that will ensure your hybrid office will serve your people, your partners and, crucially, your bottom line as well?

Established in 1985, Signbox specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative and sustainable signage schemes that will represent your company’s story, your brand and enhance your workplace.

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Beautiful, design-led signage can create a magical first impression. In many cases, it will be the first touchpoint for your guests and visitors, so it has an important job to do. You want everyone to be inspired by your space, happy to form a relationship with it and to want to be part of it.

Done right, signage will enhance the appeal, the flow, the interior design scheme and desired functionality of a building and its wider environment.

Take wayfinding signage. It’s there to help visitors navigate an environment safely and easily, but it should also serve to reinforce and reflect a corporate identity and help people feel engaged with their surroundings.

From a statuesque architectural monolith sign that welcomes guests to an estate to the humble, but essential door sign, it’s critical that every sign in a scheme maintains a cohesion with both the brand and interior scheme.

Everyone works better when the mood is just right. Indeed, a great atmosphere in a dynamic workspace where people are motivated is what every business wants. Our experience has shown in working environments that span market sectors and buildings, this is where signage gets really exciting.

By transforming your space with stunning environmental graphics like digital wallpaper, you’ll be setting a scene for productivity.

Throughout this exploration of what good signage can achieve, there is a common thread: signage and branding are inextricably linked.

In essence, an impeccably branded signage scheme that’s applied consistently and remains true to brand guidelines will articulate the qualities and standards a business espouses and the way it wishes to be perceived. As with every brand proposition, it should set out your stall in terms of your personality, values and your culture.

We’re seeing that architects are increasingly being drawn to biophilic designs that include more natural light, plants and live walls. When you create a connection with nature – even when you’re at work – an array of environmental and health benefits is likely to follow. As more and more organisations incorporate biophilic design into their spaces, glazing manifestations and wallcoverings, we’re convinced this is a trend that’s here for the long haul.

Sustainability is as important as it ever was. We are all on a Net Carbon Neutral journey and your people will have expectations that you’re committed to eco-health, carbon neutrality and sustainability to enhance their wellbeing at work as much as meeting your ethical principles.

A great place to start would be with a sustainable signage strategy. Discover our innovative hybrid sign systems and non-pvc, fire retardant wallcoverings.

Talk to the Signbox team on 01784 438688 or email and we’ll help you plan a design and colour palette that will want everyone back and raring to go.

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