Why wouldn’t you want to come into work?

Thanks to technology, remote working has never been easier, and as increasing numbers of employees take advantage of this, how can companies avoid losing their sense of shared identity and encourage their people back into the office?

Despite on-the-go working being more frequent than ever, people and businesses have discovered a need for focus, team building and collaboration to get work done. As a result, the office becomes an important place once again.

It’s not just business as usual though. The new office needs to be “human centered”, combining design and space that feel bespoke to the organization. An office designed and centered on mental stimulation and physical comfort is more likely to support the people that work there, and crucially, improve employees’ proactivity, comfort, motivation and connection to the workplace, enabling them to return to work feeling a sense of shared history, identity and purpose.

“It’s all about spaces that empower employees and help businesses grow and thrive,” says Monica Parker, Workplace Director at Morgan Lovell to Forbes.

Signbox plays a key role in delivering dynamic working environments.

At book publishers, Hachette UK we worked with The Graphic History Company to create a stunning mural comprising the names of 3,500 authors. The final work is an enormous, bold “river of authors”, a flowing representation of the mighty River Thames that runs by Hachette’s Victoria Embankment offices. This “living” mural will grow each year as the names of new authors are added.

At Bandai Namco, in West London, we worked with Resonate Architectural Interiors to deliver a range of bespoke vinyl graphics, manifestation and wallpaper graphics. The result is a stunning and vibrant new HQ, reflecting the firm’s ethos and identity.

At Vantage London (pictured), also in West London, our high quality wayfinding signage and interior wall graphics have created a desirable and sought-after office space.

If you believe in offering your people the best possible working environments, then let us help you with the visual communication.

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