Why there’s more to a sign than meets the eye

Unless you’re a signage purist or regular specifier, you could be forgiven for thinking a sign is just a sign. A notice that tells people who you are, where to go and how to get there. Or a series of essential safety symbols that describe what you should do in the event of an emergency.

In reality, you probably interact with a multitude of signs one way or another every day, sometimes purposefully, often subconsciously – and that’s the sign of a healthy sign. A seamless signage scheme in action that you’ve been lucky enough to be guided by, effortlessly and intuitively.

That’s also the first indication that there’s absolutely more to a sign than meets the eye.

Having built an industry-leading heritage on the transformative power of very clever signage, we know what makes a well-designed, hardworking sign special and what it can achieve. Essentially, a sign can do more for your space, your people and your corporate identity than you ever thought possible.

Here’s why:

What signage can do for your building – inside and out

Beautiful, design-led signage can create a magical first impression. In many cases, it will be the first touchpoint for your guests and visitors, so it has an important job to do. You want everyone to be inspired by your space, happy to form a relationship with it and to want to be part of it.

Done right, signage will enhance the appeal, the flow, the interior design scheme and desired functionality of a building and its wider environment. Take wayfinding signage. It’s there to help visitors navigate an environment safely and easily, but it should also serve to reinforce and reflect a corporate identity and help people feel engaged with their surroundings.

From a statuesque architectural monolith sign that welcomes guests to an estate to the humble, but essential door sign, it’s critical that every sign in a scheme maintains a cohesion with both the brand and interior scheme. Intelligent design and clever use of materials, colour palette and typography and graphical elements can convey all that needs to be said – and felt – par excellence.

When you’re working hard on your environmental friendliness, the right signage solution will work wonders for your eco impact too with energy-efficient LED illumination and sustainable materials that look beautiful and function kindly.

Take a closer look at the Signbox Hybrid Sign System to see how to achieve the lowest possible environmental impact with signage.

What signage can do for your compliance

Every business has a duty of care to protect its users and visitors by displaying signs that show them how to access emergency exits and fire escapes, fast and instinctively.

The correct use and placement of mandatory safety signs, including fire safety signs, hazard and warning signs that meet health, safety, accessibility and DDA regulations are critical to your compliance. Fail to follow these regulations to the letter at your peril…

Fortunately, Signbox has you covered here too. From off-the-shelf safety signs to customised and branded safety signs and social distancing signs and stickers, every Signbox sign is produced following best practice and always compliant with BSI standards and BS and EC regulations. You’ll even find information displayed on our internal signage schemes in tactile and Braille formats to ensure the needs of the visually impaired are accommodated.

Explore the Signbox range of social distancing signs and safety signs in the Signbox Shop.

What signage can do for your people

As if the most impressive welcome and safety of your guests isn’t enough, forward-thinking signage can also make a dramatic difference to the way your people perform.

Everyone works better when the mood is just right. Indeed, a great atmosphere in a dynamic workspace where people are motivated is what every business wants. As Signbox has shown in working environments that span market sectors and buildings, this is where signage gets really exciting.

By transforming your space with stunning environmental graphics like digital wallpaper, printed wall murals and large format, customised wall graphics, you’ll be setting a scene that engenders productivity. The mood is yours for the setting, whether it’s through quirky graphical devices that are carried through corridors or a commanding image that takes centre stage in a boardroom. How bold will you go?

Environmental graphics like these are the perfect way to communicate a corporate message or theme, to reinforce your brand identity and to galvanise your teams.

Find out more about Signbox EG – Environmental Graphics that have the power to revitalise your teams and help them perform better.

What signage can do for your brand

Throughout this exploration of what good signage can achieve, there is a common thread: signage and branding are inextricably linked.

In essence, an impeccably branded signage scheme that’s applied consistently and remains true to brand guidelines will articulate the qualities and standards a business espouses and the way it wishes to be perceived. As with every brand proposition, it should set out your stall in terms of your personality, your core values and your business culture.

As corporate investments go, your identity and the brand guardians whose job it is to protect it as it evolves, no matter where it appears, are up there.

‘Organisations should never underestimate the power of a sign to portray a corporate commitment to quality and design.’

The words of Mark Bartlett, Managing Director of Signbox, will resonate with every organisation that values its brand and the aspirations of those who form an allegiance to it.

What can great signage do for you?

Whether you already adhere faithfully to your brand guidelines and need to implement a signage scheme that presents your brand better still or you simply want to know how the masters of brilliantly branded signage can transform the way people see you, please get in touch.

For more help with branding and corporate identity creation, our design team is here to help you devise and develop a brand vision through effortlessly executed signage. Contact us on +44 (0)1784 438688 or email our team to talk things through.

A good place to start is to read Signbox on Brand: Why there’s more to branding than just being on brand.  If you’d like to see expertly branded signage schemes in action, visit our case study pages or download our ebrochure. We know you’ll like what you see.

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