Why Freedom Day is a sign for us all to remain mindful

19 July is Freedom Day, the final unlocking and the easing of Covid rules and restrictions. Long-awaited, mired in controversy and a short delay, but it’s happening.

The big question for employers and businesses, building and space owners is how do we adapt our social distancing messaging when much of the onus to adopt is on our employees and visitors?

A study from psychologists from Cardiff, Bath and Essex universities* has revealed that when lockdown was introduced, the majority of people were willing to abide by Covid rules because the benefits far outweighed the risks.

But this time things are different; what we do when it comes to spatial awareness and masking up is largely going to be a matter of individual choice and responsibility. Indeed, the Royal Society’s study suggests that the public is less likely to take their personal risk seriously when Freedom Day comes.

The answer is for post-Freedom Day social distancing messaging to be done mindfully

The prospect of ‘opening up’ is a contentious, not to mention sensitive issue for many so it’s critical that we employ more empathetic messaging to encourage everyone to remain respectful of others and the space and safety measures they want to observe.

The Signbox collection of social distancing signs and floor stickers proved hugely popular for business and building owners who wanted to give clear, coherent social distancing instructions at the start of the pandemic. Our bright, cheerful signs were used across corporate workplaces, retail, hospitality, transport and other public spaces and made the process of getting back to work after each lockdown easy to follow with confidence.

Now we’ve gone a step further with a new range of Protect and Respect social distancing wall and floor signs that serve as a gentle, more nuanced reminder that space and hygiene is still important.

Not only is the Protect and Respect social distancing messaging softer and more cheerful, the introduction of a stunning pastel palette of colours works beautifully with every interior scheme and environment. With messages such as ‘Be wise sanitise’ and ‘It’s not a big ask please wear a mask’, every sign from the range can be customised to suit your space and branding requirements.

The Protect and Respect social distancing range is available in 200mm and 300mm circular floor stickers and 210 x 264mm and 297 x 374mm rectangular foam PVC sign with double sided tape fixing that are super-easy to apply.

Depending on the workplace social distancing policy you’ll adopt from 19 July, you may want to consider adding other safety essentials such as workplace protection guards, sneeze screens, acoustic office divider panels along with hand sanitiser stations and UV clean air purification systems. Signbox has a great collection of products to keep your environment as safe and virus free as its possible to get.

If you’d like to take the next step towards gentle social distancing signage and messaging that will give everyone the reassurance they need in your space, please visit https://shop.signbox.co.uk/141/642/social-distancing-covid-19 , contact the sales team at sales@signbox.co.uk or call 01784 676195.

Here’s to a safe, mindful return to the workplace or public space for us all.

* https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rsos.210678

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