Why all the signs should point to a perfect guest experience

When it comes to the perfect hotel guest experience, it’s easy to see how first impressions, warm welcomes and now social distancing signage will score highly, but it’s what happens next that’s key.

We’re all having to think a little more creatively to ensure every touchpoint counts in the brand loyalty, client retention and customer relationship stakes, but it’s the hotel and hospitality industry that’s currently having to think beyond the meet and greet and concierge’s kudos.

Signbox has given the hotel and hospitality industry just the break it needs with a great range of digitally printed wallcovering systems and environmental graphics solutions that are functional, informative, motivational and exciting – and go a long way to galvanising hotel brand loyalty.

Digitally printed wallpaper

Signbox’s award-winning signage solutions include a stunning range of digitally printed hotel wallpapers that represent a powerful twist on traditional hotel interiors. Think eye-catching scenes, distinctive mood setting and engaging hotel signage and messaging solutions that suit every hotel space and function.

We incorporate photographs and corporate imagery, typography and symbols and hotel logos into meticulously applied digitally printed hotel wallcoverings that make all areas of the hotel work harder for guests and their hosts. Corporate guests are inspired by powerful aesthetic backdrops and dynamic large format supergraphics that fire the imagination and engender a great professional performance.

Signbox digitally printed wallpapers for hotel environments are digitally printed at Signbox’s manufacturing base in Egham, near London. Each remarkable customised digital wallpaper design is printed onto Digimura 2.1 material that is EN15102 wallcovering compliant, fire rated to EN13501 and conform to our own benchmarked standards of quality.

Interactive digital signage surfaces

Give your hotel guests the opportunity to interact with their environments and they’ll reward you with a highly-rated hotel experience. The idea is to create a hotel stay that’s rich in intuitive personalised messaging and keeps guests informed with live data, media streaming, hotel announcements and alerts and a consistent wayfinding messaging and signage scheme that brings it all together. Your hotel guests interact with touchscreen displays to do everything from checking in, making dining menu choices, event booking, creating hotel guest alerts and for hotel wayfinding.

Again, if your eye is on retaining the loyalty of your corporate guests to your hotel venue and brand, give your hotel business centre or space real-time multimedia content, seamless AV presentation and communication tools that work across meeting rooms, conference centres, event spaces and corporate lounge areas.

Signbox’s answer to this is our Displayhub display solution with interactive HD LED touchscreens and NFC (near field communication) technology that’s encased within an incredible full-length glass fascia.  Our audio visual solutions for hotel environments extend further to giant, full-width video walls comprising LCD panels, LED tiles or laser rear projection cubes that can be configured in a multitude of impactful display options.

Used together or in isolation, these interactive digital signage and AV systems for the hotel industry are designed to keep hotel guests informed with branded content, information and advertising that’s unmissable in any hotel space.

Flexible display wallcoverings

The pressure is continually on hotel and hospitality hosts to keep their venues looking fresh and new, so flexibility is naturally key. Whether it’s a corporate event or hotel campaign to attract and retain new leisure guest custom, the most versatile solution is a bespoke hotel display wallcovering scheme that takes account of hotel branding and use of space.

We recommend display wallcoverings such as bespoke digital inkjet printed canvas art that can be customised to cover any hotel wall space. Then there’s Signbox’s lightweight, yet highly engineered Kube framing display solution that can be printed in custom wallcovering sizes from 25cm2 to 3m x 10. Literally any hotel interior space can be bought to life with flexible, bespoke display wallcoverings.

For an ultra-lightweight, fast, easy-to-apply hotel wallcovering solution, there’s Signbox Teslaflex. It’s an eye-catching printed ferrous film with a high-grade magnetic base for displaying incredible photographic-quality images and graphics and installed using a self-adhesive backing. Ideally suited to hotel guest messages, announcements and hotel campaigns, Teslaflex bespoke display wallcoverings are designed to be changed quickly and frequently.

A touch of glass

For leisure guest and corporate hotel guest spaces that require privacy, safety and security, Signbox has a great range of 3M glass manifestation films designed exclusively for hotel environments. Each bespoke glass manifestation design is a highly effective method of projecting a hotel brand identity scheme and transforming a hotel interior.

Glass manifestation is also an affordable alternative to traditional bespoke digital printed glazing film and can be used as security screening to create private guest spaces or discreet, safe areas in the hotel. Signbox’s 3M customised glass manifestation solutions can transform every area from hotel reception and lobbies to hotel business centres.

Powerful environmental graphics

Take all these hotel signage solutions: bespoke digitally printed hotel wallpaper, interactive hotel digital signage surfaces, flexible hotel display wallcoverings and customised hotel glass manifestation films. All these powerful wallcovering solutions for hotels fall into Signbox’s exclusive signage category of ‘environmental graphics’.

Bespoke environmental graphics all sit behind Signbox’s EG concept, which is by far the most popular choice for hotel, hospitality venue, corporate workplace and retail sector clients who want to deploy a customised, branded wallcovering and signage strategy. They know a carefully considered environmental graphics scheme has the power to transform work and leisure spaces like no other interior design platform can.

The Signbox EG collection of digital wallpaper graphics, large format supergraphics, digitally printed wallcoverings and bespoke digital art can be viewed in more detail in our EG brochure here. (https://www.signbox.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/eg_workplace_br-5.pdf)

Cover all your hotel bases and create the ultimate guest experience with a bespoke wallcovering scheme from Signbox

If you want to transform your hotel interior with powerful branding, next-generation display technology and totally unique customised digitally printed wallcoverings and bespoke wallpapers designed specifically for the hotel environment, talk to Signbox.

We’re going further to create exciting and memorable hotel guest experiences through highly visual, breathtakingly interactive and engaging environmental graphics solutions. Signbox’s bespoke digitally printed wallcoverings, customised hotel wallpapers and hotel display technologies have all hotel bases – and hotel brand loyalty – covered.

Visit our environmental graphics page for more information.

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