The art of iosta wayfinding signs

iosta  (
pro “easter”) – a beautifully simple, sustainable modular architectural wayfinding and directory signage solution, iosta is gallic for minimal.

iosta is a beautifully simple, sustainable modular architectural signage solution, comprising of an extensive range of eye-catching iconography and pictograms, a stunning colour palette and engineered from anodized aluminium, communicating information, messaging and brand personality like no other.

Critical to every specifier’s requirements are instructions that are clear – easy to read and effortless to follow. A signage solution that seamlessly complements the aesthetics of the building, the brand and interior style and it should work with the existing design elements to harmonise and enhance them throughout the building.

Introducing the iosta family of signs

iosta is the name behind a unique family of beautiful and customisable architectural wayfinding, lift lobby and directory signage solutions, they are as much of an expression of a brand and its space as it does for the ease with which it serves its purpose.

iosta goes further with an extensive choice of distinctive iconography, pictograms and colourways that make every finished signage solution unique. It incorporates features that meet the demand for applications in every sector, embracing eco-conscious signage that can be customised and tailored to suit the requirements of any brand. Its messaging will guide visitors to a space within or around a building whilst complimenting the aesthetics of the building.

The entire iosta signage system is accessible too – it’s designed to comply with all DDA regulations using raised letters and Braille’s raised dot code to support the needs of the blind or visually impaired.

iosta can be configured in a multitude of arrangements and it can be used together in harmony or in simplistic isolation – in either case, key to the appeal is the design of the characters and pictograms that have a minimalist, timeless look and feel that can seamlessly fit into any space or sector effortlessly.

Sustainability built in – from start to finish

The entire system is engineered using 75% recycled aluminium and Greencast acrylic – the world’s first and only 100% recycled cast acrylic sheet. From the start – a manufacturing process that relies on 100% green renewable sources, to the finish – with packaging made from recycled coffee cups and 100% recycled wool padding.

iosta’s eco credentials are remarkable too!

The iosta system explained

iosta comprises of a shelving system that offers a completely individual way to display information, wayfinding instructions and messages and can be mounted on a range of surfaces with all fixings neatly hidden. iosta’s extrusions can be cut to suit and support a cast acrylic window with removable paper insert that makes updating and cleaning an effortless process. Behind it all, sits a backplate that’s available in four distinctive versions to give a totally individual look.

Architects and designers look to signage solutions that complement the aesthetic of the building and the brand as well as answer the eco-consciousness call and personalisation prospects. Building users want information that’s easy to read and effortless to follow. The physical space, meanwhile, deserves a designed solution that harmonises and enhances the elements that already exist.


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