The signs that you’re in good company

‘Organisations should never underestimate the power of a sign to portray a corporate commitment…’

Mark Bartlett, Managing Director, Signbox.

When you think of the most iconic signs you’ve ever seen, chances are that Signbox has had a hand in a fair few. Think of the landmark New Scotland Yard sign that plays, quite literally, a pivotal role on Victoria Embankment and the bright and boxy Microsoft signage that stands atop its Berkshire HQ. Then there’s the quintessential London Fire Brigade’s new ID and the powerful signs that grace the sites of Warner Media, IAG, UCL, the Saatchi Gallery and some of the world’s most respected financial institutions. 

What these organisations have in common is an impactful, coherent sign and wayfinding scheme that speaks volumes and creates impressions that are as vibrant and welcoming as they are positive and memorable. 

We’re brand guardians for the world’s most hardworking signs

Great signage is integral to the development and performance of a brand’s identity. That’s because it’s there to enforce that strong statement about what a company stands for, how it should be perceived and what it represents. Underestimate its power to portray and project a corporate commitment at your peril…

We believe that interior and exterior signs are the architectural interpretation of a brand identity. Our appreciation of a signage scheme’s graphical treatment, from typeface and colour to the relationship with a logo and position, is fundamental to the execution of a successful branding process. It’s a philosophy that’s worked – ver time we’ve become brand guardians for some of the most hardworking digital, environmental and wayfinding signs in the world.

Take three signage solutions that will project your brand better

Take our show-stopping LED illumination

LED illuminated signs are where the signage magic happens. Light, bright and powerful, but also energy efficient, durable and affordable, Signbox melds exciting LED technology with form, function and brand to project, display and call to action. 

Our LED illuminated architectural signs, wayfinding signage and totem signs invite engagement and memorable visitor experiences; they do that across retail interiors, hospitality environments and leisure spaces. Yet nowhere has it got more exciting than in the iconic Grade A office building in Barts Square in the City of London. Read our case study for a lesson in how to use LED illuminated signs to raise the bar and transform an interior corporate space. Then picture how LED illuminated signage could work its magic on your workplace interior. Visit our shop site to see our LED illuminated product range shop site.

Take our sustainable Hybrid Sign System

Signbox’s Hybrid Sign system is a stunning mix of beautifully sustainable bamboo signage material and groundbreaking architectural signage engineering. Hybrid is robust, versatile, eye-catching and elegant – it’s a premium modular exterior signage solution that’s designed to blend seamlessly with the outside environment for years and years. 

But, more than that, Hybrid Sign System’s nature-rich, recyclable composition sends a powerful message for brands that are determined to keep an eye on their ecological, low carbon commitment. 

Read about our Hybrid architectural sign system and picture how you could elevate your carbon-negative credentials from your visitors’ first touchpoint.

Take EG, the revolutionary Signbox environmental graphics brand

EG is the name behind the renowned digital print division at Signbox. Our environmental graphics signage is transforming the way organisations define and propel their corporate identity across the workplace.

The EG environmental graphics signage range includes digital wallpaper and supergraphics that are designed to motivate and excite with GreenGuard certified inks. These ensure our products are acceptable for use in education and healthcare environments. Do you want to take large format digital art signage even further? We add a touch of glass with digital glazing signage that can whisper or scream brand identity, depending on its objective. For inspirational wayfinding signs, information signs and room signs within cohesive working environments, our glass manifestation signs are CAD-cut and customised to do it impactfully and safely. 

Download our EG brochure to picture how we can redefine your corporate identity with an effective signage strategy.

On brand for over 35 years, we’re artisans of the iconic and still turning heads for the companies we keep.

It’s easy to see how Signbox is the brand guardian of choice for so many corporate clients here in the UK and overseas. Do you want to raise your brand profile, enhance your corporate identity or simply reassert what your organisation stands for? We can help you do it with stunning interior and exterior architectural signage, digital signs and LED illuminated signage solutions.

Talk to Signbox about award-winning, hardworking signage solutions on 01784 438688 or email us at  – you’ll be in good company.

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