The science behind BIM door numbering and identification signage

Building Information Modelling (BIM) can mean different things to different people. At its core, BIM refers to the process for creating and managing information on a building construction project for the entire lifecycle to help everyone plan, build and use the building as efficiently as possible. Signbox explores what BIM, specifically, BIM door numbering signs mean to us.

BIM door numbering signs for seamless room identification and navigation

Imagine a 62-storey building with a vast network of rooms, stairwells, lifts and lobbies and the complex process involved in planning the identification and navigation of every single room, from server room to boardroom, in a logical sequence across every space in every floor.

This was the brief and ensuing challenge Signbox undertook when we were commissioned to deliver a stunning suite of architectural interior and wayfinding signs for Twentytwo, a landmark workplace at 22 Bishopsgate in the City of London.

We relied on BIM to create a digital design for every aspect of the building and used a vast array of information to name and number each room that would be identified and depended on by Twentytwo’s workforce and visitors. Harnessing BIM is critical for an approach to door numbering and signs for buildings of this scale to avoid inconsistencies in navigational and wayfinding logic and the associated risks to personal safety in the event of an emergency.

BIM architectural room identification sign system design in practice

The designs and finishes for a typical building room numbering and sign system are rich and diverse and form an integral component of the building’s interior design scheme. At Twentytwo, Signbox ironmongery signs were deployed alongside projecting signage, stairwell signage and large format letters in the lift lobbies.

The Signbox approach is to collaborate closely with the client’s in-house design team, using its BIM numbering process to create a considered door identification design that is tailored to the client’s branding and building theme and apply a choice of appropriate materials.

Signbox materials range from sustainable bamboo and acrylic to glass effect number signs or stainless steel and vinyl stick-on door identification signs that can all be produced in house. A current trend is for room numbering and signage schemes manufactured in patinated brass with beautiful hues from the lightest to darkest bronzes that adds a stunning finish to an internal door identification scheme. 

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