The psychology of colour and what the right palette will do for your workplace

Signbox’s Business Development Director and Business Development Manager took some time out to talk about the importance of creating reinvigorated workplaces that will entice our people back to the office and keep them energised.

How can we use colour to get more from our workplace in 2021?

The mission to adapt the way we work is on. The need to redesign our workplaces to entice our people back and reinvigorate them in the process is a challenge that’s facing many of us right now. There are various ways and means of making this happen, but there is nothing quite so restorative or energising as a perfectly considered colour palette.

The first step is to improve our employees’ overall experience of the office. It’s no longer a place where anyone should sit in a claustrophobic cubicle in front of a computer working solo. Hybrid workspaces and collaborative working environments are the way to work now – meeting rooms, hot desking and breakout areas bring people and ideas together in collective, harmonious ways that see will creativity and productivity flourish.

Design these spaces with a bright, refreshing colour palette, different textures and engaging graphics whilst navigating the story of your building, brand and demographic and the possibilities are truly endless.

We’re seeing that architects are increasingly being drawn to biophilic designs that include more natural light, plants and live walls. This approach is proven to improve wellbeing and overall productivity and performance; it’s not hard to see why. When you create a connection with nature – even when you’re at work – an array of environmental and health benefits is likely to follow. As more and more organisations incorporate biophilic design into their spaces, we’re convinced this is a trend that’s here for the long haul.

Colours that cover sustainability, conviviality and creativity

There’s also the matter of sustainability. Our environmental consciousness continues to prompt architects to choose ever more natural materials, such as bamboo, and this is reflected in the style, design and earthy tones that we’re seeing. Think green and orange, which reflects nature so effectively. Green also symbolises tranquillity, healing and nature – a perfect antidote for the mood of the country after such a turbulent period in our lives.

Architects and interior designers are also adopting other bright and playful colours to create refreshing, engaging and energising workspaces where everyone can really get creative and feel inspired. Doing this to a T are teal and turquoise.

In much the same way, a move towards convivial working environments is being made with gusto; companies understand the benefits of offering more outdoor workspaces, restaurants, gyms and social areas for their employees. A happier workforce will ultimately be a more productive workforce – we can certainly vouch for that.

At Signbox, we ideate, collaborate and design with our clients, not just for them. We help you invest in your surroundings whilst protecting the integrity of your brand. We understand the importance of carefully considering the colours you use – they help to tell the story of your design and environment and are critical when it comes to pulling all these vital elements together.

Need help designing an innovative and sustainable signage scheme that will represent your company’s story, your brand and enhance your workplace? We can help. Get in touch with us at and we’ll help you plan a design and colour palette that will want everyone back and raring to go.

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