The nation’s getting back to work – now’s the time to let your brand do the winning!

Introducing the Signbox toolkit for a Big Return with big returns…

When Boris Johnson announced in February that England’s lockdown restrictions would be easing from March, hearts across the land felt a collective lift. The overall consensus was the roadmap would mean life under Covid was ending, albeit with precautions we’ll be living with for a while yet. Possibly forever. But this is progress – and an opportunity to rejuvenate your brand and keep it fit for work.

The spotlight is now on the companies who’ll be ramping up towards a return to work for their teams. Your mission is to make their transition from their home office as stress-free and seamless as possible. You’ll be making your workplace safe and compliant with government guidelines to protect those who’ll have been on tenterhooks waiting for the Big Return to come. For others viewing the Going Back with trepidation, you’ll be doing much to assuage their fears by ensuring every detail of every safety measure is covered.

Your risk assessment activity will focus on new ways of working. Social distancing and meticulous disinfection, hygiene and ventilation and new workplace practices aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so what you do now must be sufficiently flexible to evolve as Covid restrictions ease or, please no, make a comeback.

The good news: This is the perfect opportunity to boost your brand, refresh your identity and set out your stall when it comes to creating a workplace of the future that everyone will have confidence in – and want to be in it together with.

The Signbox toolkit for the workplace of the future

Through every stage of the pandemic, Signbox has supported organisations from a multitude of sectors with social distancing signs, floor graphics and screens that welcome and reassure – and remind everyone to stay alert and stay safe. And those social distancing signs you applied when we returned to work for the first time in 2020? Chances are, after this winter of discontent, they’ll be looking a little jaded now – we can help revitalise those areas quickly and easily.

The really good news: The Signbox social distancing toolkit takes account of branding too. We’ve made it easy to refresh a corporate identity with vibrant, eye-catching social distancing floor signs and graphics in styles and palettes that project your brand to visitors and teams in a familiar and comforting way. We’ve got you and your surfaces covered inside and out in a seriously striking way.

A way that shows your people, your partners and visitors you mean business when it comes to workplace safety.

Your first step should be to download the Signbox Hey! brochure so you can discover our fantastic range of customisable social distancing signs and graphics. It also serves as an informative guide to reopening workplaces, hospitality and leisure spaces, schools, colleges and universities to help you make your Big Return and achieve bigger returns and better bottom lines than you expected. If you want to get started, you’ll find the complete collection in the Signbox Shop.

You might want to read our article ‘Your window to the workplace of the future’ to see what might be in store for us all.

If you’d like advice on implementing a socially distanced wayfinding, information and flow strategy that will help ease the transition for your teams as they begin to return to work, call our expert team on 01784 438688 and we’ll get you back in business.

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