Sustainable signage materials and technology in the workplace

must be more than a token statement on a website

Seeing a sustainability policy appear on a corporate website is now commonplace and has heralded a sea change in approach for many organisations, but real sustainability initiatives need to represent more than simply a token statement on an online footer. Signbox have been developing sustainable signage materials and technology solutions.

There are many ways we can all embrace sustainable working practices and places – perhaps one of the most visible is through a sustainable signage scheme that looks as good as it is robust and functional. But more than that, sourced correctly, it’ll be an architectural, interior or external signage solution that will have superb ecological credentials from its zero energy running costs to its zero CO2 emissions.

Sustainable signage can really be the ultimate green, carbon-negative alternative to scarce hardwoods and even non-renewable resources from concrete and metals to plastics.

Thanks to Signbox, the experts in sustainable architectural signage, intelligently engineered wayfinding and illuminated signs that combine exquisite design, carbon-neutral qualities and powerful, yet environmentally friendly materials and technologies are here to take the workplace right to the front of the sustainability agenda.

Intelligently engineered, carbon-neutral wayfinding and illuminated signs

Signbox is, itself, a practitioner of a truly sustainable business improvement process that covers everything from photovoltaic roof panels that power Signbox’s state-of-the-art machinery to a comprehensive recycling program that reclaims its production waste.

And then, of course, there’s a dynamic selection of eco-friendly products that top off this holistic approach to signage manufacture and a highly responsible supply chain. Three notable sustainable signage systems from the Signbox portfolio offer innovative illumination and natural, CO2 neutral materials to organisations looking to boost their sustainable credentials, their brand image and their welcome.

Go solar

Take solar lighting; its environmental benefits have long been heralded and harnessed for commercial and residential applications worldwide and it’s not hard to see why. With zero energy costs, Signbox solar-powered signage systems are aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance and, in use, give incredibly reliable autonomy of up to 14 days without any daylight.

Signbox’s Solar range includes a whole gamut of solar-powered signage products, including Solarpost, a one-metre high solar-powered control bollard system that can be surface or sub-surface mounted or buried. This clever illuminated signage system monitors ambient light levels, automatically anticipates the transition from day to night, even allowing for seasonal changes, and has PIR sensors that detect movement up to 5 metres away with LEDs that brighten the way for 10 seconds before gently dimming again.

Go bamboo

Signbox’s bamboo products have long been making waves in sustainable signage systems. Proven to be CO2 neutral over the full lifecycle, architects and building owners have opted for Signbox’s bamboo signage systems for their higher LEED, BREEAM and Green Star certification scores for green building projects.

The Signbox Hybrid sign system is a premium modular sustainable outdoor sign system that combines the relentlessly durable, weather-resistant and sustainable qualities of exterior-grade bamboo with powerful materials to bring sign scheme and setting to life. You’ll see it across landmark commercial building, hotel and hospitality spaces and at home in woodland settings, schools and university campuses as well as eco-conscious public spaces.

For an exciting sustainable interior signage solution that draws on the beauty and grace of Hybrid, Signboo is a wayfinding information sign manufactured from 7mm sheets of bamboo and glass elements. Specifically designed for the hotel and spa sector, Signboo sustainable signs can incorporate stencil-cut graphics and contemporary finishes including satin-etched glass, acrylic, slate, brass, copper, corten and stainless steel. You can order it with LED illumination or non-illuminated, with twin post or single post.

Go further with bamboo and solar

If you’re serious about sustainability in your workplace and want to project your ethical prowess to your visitors head on, Hybrid Beam, Signbox’s solar illuminated sign that’s mounted on a stunning engineered bamboo beam will, quite literally, do just that.

This customisable 200m wide bamboo sign with solar-powered lighting is competitively priced and simple to install and, critically, provides zero energy costs and CO2 emissions. Perhaps most important to site owners, this sustainable wayfinding signage solution will deliver great savings on groundworks and cable costs as the need to run power to a remote location is eliminated.

Signbox have been developing sustainable signage materials and technology solutions. These are just a selection of sustainable signage systems from Signbox – to find out more about sustainable architectural, interior and exterior signage solutions and how you can enhance your sustainable workplace credentials, please contact Signbox on +44 (0)1784 438688 or visit

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