Signbox leads the way with social distancing stickers and signs

As many corporate and educational institutions begin to reopen, restart and adjust to the ‘new normal’, Signbox is easing their transition to more welcoming, responsible and compliant environments where safety and social distancing will dominate – potentially long into a post-COVID-19 world. A full range of social distancing stickers and signs will assist with this transition.

Signbox’s answer is an exclusive collection of ingenious social distancing signs and graphics for the workplace and schools that are designed to welcome your employees and guests back in a calming, coherent way. They represent vital, yet informal reminders to stay alert and keep a safe distance from each other in line with the national effort to keep the R below 1 and save lives. 

The Signbox Hey! collection of signs and graphics for social distancing is underpinned by a specialist wayfinding and safety signage design expertise that’ll help you welcome your visitors and teams back to their workplace, safely and without stress.

Friendly messaging for a safe, reassuring user journey

With its fresh, vibrant design and typography and a friendly tone of voice for every safety message that makes for an intuitive and reassuring user journey, the Hey! range of social distancing signs and graphics covers every touchpoint to create a social distanced flow of people within any built environment.

The social distancing sign and graphics collection can be deployed as a complete, easy messaging and safety package across the retail industry, hotels and hospitality environments, public and corporate spaces and the education sector – all of which will be keen to allay any back-to-work or school anxiety. The key for employers and educators is getting the right safety messaging in place and shared early on to ensure everyone knows what to expect when they return to the workplace or classroom.

They Hey! messaging is calm, easy to understand and ranges from workstation cleaning and hygiene guides, safe movement directions, safety advice and precautions and, of course, safe distance guides that apply to every space. Presented in a welcoming, friendly way, these social distancing signs and graphics are designed to inspire everyone to maintain a collective effort to keep themselves and their colleagues safe and protected. 

Social distancing floor stickers, spray-on stencils and ‘welcome back’ graphics

These intelligent signs and graphics for social distancing include digitally printed self-adhesive vinyl safe distancing floor stickers that are laminated and anti-slip with UV protection. Also available are social distancing stencils that can be sprayed directly onto walls and floors, social distancing stair riser graphic signs and ‘welcome back’ graphic signs for reception areas that are as upbeat and informal as they are informative.

Naturally, Signbox has thought of everything, with branding and corporate identity easily integrated across the social distancing sign collection – again this familiarity serves as a reassuring boost at a time when most workplace behaviour is anything but familiar during life mid-pandemic. Personalised signs can be designed and, as guidelines change, Signbox can update any signage fast by redesigning to maintain compliance to new rules in an easy-to-understand way. All social distancing signs can be NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled with a tag that links to a URL from a smartphone to give real-time information through safe, contactless engagement.

Advice and support for your social distancing signage strategy

For more information about the Signbox Hey! range of social distancing signs and graphics, Signbox has produced an information guide to reopening workplaces, hospitality and leisure spaces, schools, colleges and universities in a reassuring, informed way. You can read and download the brochure here

If you’re planning to reopen your workplace or doors to the public and educational community, visit the Signbox Shop Social Distancing COVID-19 page to help you and your teams prepare for life in the new normal. You’ll find the complete collection at you’d like advice on how best to implement a socially distanced wayfinding, information and flow strategy that will serve as a warm welcome as well as consistently protective messaging, call Signbox on 01784 438688.

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