Are your social distancing floor graphics as safe as they have to be?

As organisations across England find themselves in the midst of Lockdown 2 and a new wave of restrictions, Signbox has highlighted the need to revisit the safety measures implemented earlier in 2020. There’s a very real prospect of many falling foul of strict safety legislation that governs work and public spaces. This would include social distancing floor graphics.

The advent of Covid-19 restrictions and obligations to provide social distancing floor graphics in public areas led to a huge rise in their use as we emerged from the first lockdown. Six months on and, without the protection and durability of premium floor coverings, many floor graphics may now appear tired and subject to peeling. Critically, they may well represent a very real trip hazard.

Signbox and Drytac take the lead

Signbox is a specialist print service provider of floor graphics media and has collaborated with major manufacturer, Drytac, to produce a series of helpful floor graphics guides. The guides are designed to ensure floor graphics remain fit for purpose, safe and compliant with the legislation that regulates public spaces. 

Retail and Grocery, School and University, Housing and Construction and Stadium and Public Environment guides are available now to download. They contain information that covers all aspects of social distancing floor graphics for these sectors. You’ll also find an overview of a range of floor media for different settings and flooring surfaces as well as specific graphic solutions and products that are available.

Crucially, Signbox and Drytac have addressed the vital safety aspects of social distancing floor signage. Without UV protection and slip-rated over-laminate for high traffic areas, floor signage can put people at risk of injury and leave business owners vulnerable to costly compensation claims.  

How to keep your floor graphics safe and legal

The new guides make life easier by covering all essential compliance matters. A handy FAQ section highlights the UK’s slip ratings and certifications and the tests required to achieve them. There’s advice on how building owners should maintain their floor graphics to keep them safe for use. They also show how to prevent slips, trips and falls. The legal responsibilities of floor graphics suppliers, installers and purchasers for use in their buildings are explained in depth too.

Drytac products cover the legal issue with quality-controlled testing and retesting using the Pendulum Test Value (PTV/BPN). PTV is considered the most reliable and accurate way of calculating slip resistance. The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) relies on the PTV. It’s the only rating many insurance companies use. Every batch of Drytac products carries slip resistance to British Standard BS 7976-2/European Standard EN 13036-4/North American Standard ASTM-E303 too.

Safety in the workplace has to be the priority

With so much to consider, it’s easy to see why these new floor graphics guides will prove so useful. Mark Bartlett, Managing Director of Signbox, explains.

‘Safety in the workplace and public spaces has to be everyone’s priority,’ comments Mark. ‘In the current climate of coronavirus pandemic restrictions, it’s never been more important. That’s why we want to make it easier for organisations to understand why slip ratings and making the right media choices are key when it comes to safety. We also give our customers peace of mind by supplying products from manufacturers, like Drytac, who share Signbox’s commitment to safety.’

Drytac’s range of specialist floor graphics includes Polar Street FX for rough outdoor surfaces including tarmacand Polar Grip in conjunction with Interlam Pro Emerytex Textured Laminate for smooth exterior floors. Spot-On Floor 200 and Polar Floor PET 170 which is PVC free and use 40% recycled polyester, are great for indoor floor surfaces and can be used for a range of other applications too.

Please click here to download the floor graphics guides from Signbox and Drytac.

Please click here to download the Hey! Social Distancing brochure. For more advice on the best social distancing floor graphics for your work or public space, contact Signbox on +44 (0)1784 438688.

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