Signposting the Agile Workspace

Leaving behind the concept of workers sitting at the same desk day after day, and workstations sitting idle while their occupants are off on leave, or unwell – the agile workplace aims to encourage a culture of teamwork and collaboration, and to make more efficient and effective use of space with an open plan design which incorporates signposting elements:

•    Breakout spaces – for informal meetings and brainstorming sessions

•    Quiet zones – set aside for work that is confidential or requires concentration

•    Touchdown zones – providing overflow workspace for people not ordinarily in the office, designed for use during brief periods between meetings or for brief duration tasks

•    Resource spaces – set aside for copiers and printers, filing units, recycling stations and the like. Close to work areas, but screened off to reduce noise intrusion.

Signage companies like Signbox have an important role to play in bringing together all the elements of agile workplaces, and helping them to operate as intended. Simple signage using ‘on-brand’ colour schemes helps to define and direct the flow of employee traffic and encourage a productive and healthy workspace.

Signbox has a wealth of recent experience in such projects.  In August this year, we completed a new interior signage project for the London headquarters of global professional services provider, Deloitte.  Key to this project was creating high quality, vibrant signage for Deloitte’s hot-desking and breakout spaces which would visually reinforce the strength and key values of the Deloitte brand and its agile workplace culture.

Signbox also works closely with workplace wellness company, StepJockey who create healthy, active workplaces with unique smart signs and a gamification platform. They transform buildings with signage that interacts with an employees’ phone and incentivise them to use the stairs rather than the lift using stair climbing challenges such as Climb Everest.

As employers continue to look outside of the box to encourage staff creativity and well-being – companies like Signbox are here to help show them the way. Creating an agile workplace that really works, is an art form, and Signbox has long been a trusted partner on such projects. With what we can offer in tools, experience and connections, we’re well placed to help businesses transform themselves for the better, and to get the best out of their employees.

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