Signbox to Showcase Dynamic Connected iBeacon at MWL14 Olympia London, Stand C375

Unlike other NFC tags and iBeacon solutions, the DTAG100i is capable of being dynamically updated with new content and unique identity information via USB, in order to match whatever is being displayed on the screen at the time. This enables advertisers and developers to craft interactive experiences that truly engage their audiences, ensuring that things happening on an individual consumer’s mobile phone are synchronised properly with those occurring on the big screen.

The DTAG100i also enables user information to be sent directly from mobile apps to in-store digital screens and systems, without requiring Wi-Fi or mobile internet coverage. This ‘closes the loop’ on interactive signage, providing for a truly personalised experience that can include immediate, permission-based transfer of shopper IDs, loyalty and product preference information, as well as offline store check-in and many other applications.

While the BLE technology incorporated into the DTAG100i has been developed and licensed according to the official Apple iBeacon specifications, it also supports alternative, proprietary and virtual beacons, plus dynamic beacon attributes and real-time scan activity logging. And, importantly, its powerful dual-processor design allows the firmware to be securely upgraded via USB, making it both convenient to manage in the field, and fully future-proof.

With barcode and mag-stripe reader emulation capabilities, the DTAG100i also offers the ability to enable short-range wireless redemption of vouchers at the point of sale and other similar EPoS integrations.

“Our original DTAG100 provided the ideal solution for NFC-enabling digital signage, and the new DTAG100i represents a natural evolution of this concept, adding full support for Bluetooth Low Energy and Apple iBeacon technology, “ says Dan Isaaman, Dot Origin’s joint CEO and mobile technology expert. “Many customers have been asking for iBeacon solutions that simply cannot be delivered using other products on the market, and we believe we have created something truly unique and exciting for advertisers and agencies to build their campaigns around. We are delighted to be working with Signbox, who have created an amazing portfolio of unique signage solutions.”

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