Signbox release new guide to workplace graphics

Signbox have just released a new guide to workplace graphics; called ‘EG’ (for Environmental Graphics) this comprehensive, glossy brochure should prove an invaluable toolfor architects, interior designers, facilities managers, shop fitters, developers, building contractors, property managers and anyone else with a professional interest in the look and feel of the built or working environment.

More and more companies are investing in inspirational environmental graphics as they recognise that the ambience, aesthetics and visual appearance of the workplace can have a profound effect on staff, visitors and stakeholders. This growing interest has fuelled a sea change in workplace graphics with Signbox at the forefront of the many new developments like wayfinding wallpaper and digitally printed glass manifestations.

In essence the new guide to workplace graphics shows the full capability of Signbox’s recently formed Environmental Graphics (EG) division that followeda six-figure investment by the company in a ‘state of the art’ print facility. Thisrevolutionary new print technology can produce large format graphics at fine art quality. The result is bright and visually inspiring graphics that can transform commercial spaces, add value to a business proposition, express the culture of an organisation and, not least, improve the productivity of its workforce.

For a copy of the new guide call the company on 01784 438688 and for further information about Signbox visit

guide to workplace graphics

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