Introducing Signbox’s Endurance Range

In busy outdoor environments like parks, wildlife areas, country estates, coastal attractions and more, the need for durable and reliable wayfinding and information displays is paramount. Signbox’s latest innovation, the Endurance Range of Interpretation Lecterns and Notice Boards has been designed and tailored to withstand high footfall and the harsh external environment.

Built to Last

The Endurance Range is engineered with durability in mind. Whether facing the elements in a park or enduring constant interaction in a university setting, these lecterns and notice boards stand up to the challenge. Constructed using robust materials and featuring tamperproof stainless steel fixings, they ensure longevity even in high-traffic environments.

Customisation for Every Need

One of the standout features of the Endurance Range is its flexibility in design. Each lectern is available in a wide range of standard polyester powder-coated finishes, allowing for seamless integration with any branding requirements. Additionally, full-colour print options enable customisation to suit specific themes or informational needs.

Security and Protection

Security is a top priority, especially in public spaces. The Endurance Range addresses this concern with anti-graffiti laminate applied to the printed area, deterring unwanted vandalism. Furthermore, optional notice board display cabinets provide added protection for up-to-date information, keeping it safe from tampering or weather damage.

Coastal Protection Upgrade

For locations subjected to harsher environmental conditions, such as coastal areas, Signbox offers an upgrade option for coastal protection. This enhancement ensures that the lecterns and notice boards remain resilient even in the face of sea spray and salt exposure, making them suitable for a broader range of applications.

Versatile Applications

From parks and country estates to zoos and university wayfinding systems, the Endurance Range finds applications in various public spaces. Its versatility makes it a go-to solution for disseminating information effectively while enduring the rigors of constant use and exposure to the elements.

Signbox’s Endurance Range sets a new standard for interpretation lecterns and notice boards in public spaces. With its robust construction, customisable design options, and enhanced security features, it offers a reliable solution for displaying information in demanding environments. Whether facing high footfall or harsh weather conditions, these lecterns and notice boards prove their endurance, ensuring that vital information remains accessible and protected for years to come.

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