New Signbox ‘EG’ division enhances its single point resource offer

Created following a six figure investment in ‘state of the art’ print technology, Signbox’s new Environmental Graphics (EG) division is now fully operational.

Mark Bartlett, Managing Director of Signbox Ltd, comments, “The new EG division was established to simultaneously exploit the extraordinary capability of our new Durst Omega 1 UV inkjet printer and meet the growing demand for digitally printed environmental graphics.

“Increasingly companies now recognise that the ambience of the workplace – how it both looks and feels – can positively affect and influence staff, customers, visitors and stakeholders. Environmental Graphics can personalise workspaces with inspirational imagery, text and logos that encapsulates messages and reinforces brand identity. Breakout areas, meeting rooms, internal office spaces, and reception and sales areas can all be transformed into bright, energising spaces that stimulate senses and enhance well-being.

“With our new EG division we can now manage the production process of large format printing in-house. This allows us to be far more competitively priced, yet with a capability to print at high resolution, up to 1728 dpi, direct-to-surface on a range of material from metal to coloured media, as well as achieving perfect results on transparent surfaces including glass, acrylic and film.

“The Durst Omega 1 allows us to manufacture and supply wall coverings, glass manifestation, partitions, banners and screens, with a fine art quality that ensures consistently accurate printing for us to maintain the highest quality benchmarked standards that we’re renowned for.

“The new Signbox EG division is very much in keeping with our ethos of providing a single point resource for consultancy, signage strategy, design, manufacture, project management and installation”.

Now that the Signbox EG Division is operational, Signbox have produced a free presentation pack with print samples that demonstrates the extraordinary variety of surfaces and materials that can be printed onto and the finished quality. For a free sample pack call the company on 01784 438688 and for further information about Signbox visit


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