Is your signage in a fit state for winter?

Back in the spring we asked you how your signage had weathered the winter. Well, now seems like a good opportunity to ask you: is your signage fit for winter? Rain, snow and frosts can take their toll, so some common sense checks now before the mercury plunges too low can mean a lot less to worry about come signage spring cleaning time next March and April!

The checklist we provided in our spring blogpost holds true for this time of year:

  • Is your signage on-brand, relevant and truly reflective of your business?
  • Has it suffered storm damage, leaks or illumination failure?
  • Are your sign substrates UV damaged or looking washed out and tired?
  • It is the sign-owner’s legal responsibility to check structural integrity. Have you?
  • Is all signage clean from bird droppings, graffiti and tree detritus?
  • Do your signs comply with best-practice legibility?
  • Are your signs easy to update with tenant changes?
  • Is your illumination energy efficient?
  • Have you considered LED signage for security lighting?
  • Is your signage best positioned?

The owners of The Mille ticked off all of the above and then some, when they hired Signbox to refresh all their signage as part of a full interior and exterior refit of their building. Faded, tired and outdated exterior signage – from the ground level to the roof twelve floors up – was replaced with contemporary signage befitting the new branding of the building and the custom it was trying to attract.

The results, visible to tens of thousands of London motorists every day – speak for themselves. Click here to read the full case study and photographs of the end results.

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Mark Bartlett, Managing Director

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