Fire exit and fire safety signage

Fire safety signs from Signbox, provide a premium range of fixings and finishes to suit any budget. Whilst we are now manufacturing signage to meet the ISO 7010 standard, we are still holding stock of the EC Directive 92/58/EEC and both styles are available here for the immediate future.

It can be tough keeping up with seemingly never-ending changes to fire safety signs legislation. From BS 5499, ISO 3864, 92/58/EEC, and the soon to be introduced European safety sign standard ISO 7010 (previously EN 7010), each has brought, sometimes only subtle, changes.

But whether it’s to signpost emergency evacuation or fire protection, accident prevention or to offer information about health hazards, it’s critical that the relevant standards are strictly adhered to across all safety signage; not only is this to make sure you’re compliant with legislation, but also because these quality systems have in fact been carefully thought out and tested – ultimately to save lives.

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Regardless of whether an organisation, specifier or designer opts for bespoke or off-the-shelf internal signage solutions, the success of a scheme is dependent on the skill of the specialist sign manufacturer. The Signbox production process demands that our project managers work closely with building owners, architects and designers to gain a deeper appreciation of the form and function of a building.

Key to a coherent scheme is the need to remain sympathetic to its aesthetic environment and to adhere to and reinforce an organisation’s brand. At its heart, this is corporate identity signage and Signbox solutions are designed to interpret and project the brand, appropriately and consistently.

All our internal signage solutions are custom made to precise specifications that meet health, safety, accessibility and DDA compliance regulations and complement a building’s interior finish in style. Naturally we follow best practice guidelines in everything we do and, wherever possible, we work with products which are environmentally-friendly and originate from recycled or sustainable sources.

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