Fire exit safety signs – take the guesswork out of compliance

Workplace fire exit safety signs are subject to some of the most stringent legislation in the world. Key to compliance is using fire and safety signs that are required in all places where people are employed. It’s important to understanding the meanings behind fire exit and safety signage. The instructions they communicate could make a life-saving difference to an employee knowing how to act and vacate a building safely.

There are also legal obligations to consider. Employers are subject to a world of health and safety, accessibility and DDA compliance, so internal fire exit and safety signage is a business imperative that must be prioritised by all.

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 covers fire exit safety signs in places of work. It means employers must provide specific, highly visible safety signs in all places of risk. The International Standardisation Organisation (ISO) has also set its ISO 7010 (replacing EN7010) standard for fire and safety signs. This includes those that cover emergency and fire exits. 

Staying up to date with fire exit signage legislation

The aim of ISO 7010 fire, fire exit and safety signage criteria is to relay simple, yet critical fire safety information at a glance. This is to avoid the reliance on written instructions. Being able to act quickly in the event of a fire can and does save lives. That said, it can prove difficult for employers and building owners to keep up to date with the seemingly endless changes to fire exit and fire safety sign legislation.

Signbox designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of high-quality workplace fire exit and safety signs. This takes the guesswork out of the fire safety signage legislation and standards. If you’re responsible for purchasing or specifying fire safety signs, you’re legally required to comply with fire exit safety signage regulations. That includes having the right fire exit signs clearly visible in the right places. 

Failure to follow UK fire safety regulations in the workplace can result in hefty fines. For serious offences, that could mean imprisonment. Ignore your fire safety signage compliance obligations at your peril…

Fire safety signs – what you need and where

You need to clearly display the two mandatory signs to ensure you remain legally compliant with fire safety signage regulations. That includes a fire action notice and an extinguisher ID sign as well as any others that apply to your building or workspace. 

You may also be required to display warning and prohibition sign. This is in addition to fire action notice signs and fire extinguisher ID signs, fire alarm call point signs and other fire equipment. Fire exit signs sit at the heart of a safe workplace strategy. Fortunately Signbox has a range of options that can ensure your teams remain safe and protected and aware of what to do should the worst happen.

Signbox’s fire safety signs have all BSI standards and BS and EC regulatory compliance covered. They are stylish fire safety signage solutions that make them stand out in more ways than one. Think illuminated fire safety signage, photoluminescent fire safety signage and DDA-compliant fire safety signs. They’re all part of Signbox’s portfolio of beautifully designed health and safety signs that are designed to suit any budget and workplace environment.

Premium fire exit signs, fire safety signs and emergency exit signs

In the event of a fire or other emergency, it’s critical that employees can escape a building quickly. The Signbox Shop stocks a premium range of fire exit signs, fixings and finishes that are fully compliant to European safety sign standard BS EN ISO 7010. Signbox designs and tests these signs to save lives. These are the architect’s choice when it comes to premium quality fire exit signs that are ISO 7010-compliant.

The Signbox fire exit sign range encompasses illuminated fire exit signs, non-illuminated fire exit signs and photoluminescent fire exit signs. Signbox designs and manufactures these signs using stylish materials and supplies them with fire exit sign fixing kits. 

Here’s a summary of some of the bestselling fire exit and emergency escape signs that are available to buy off-the-shelf from the Signbox shop:

Signbox illuminated fire exit and fire escape signs

The fire exit sign range includes Signblock – a stunning collection of illuminated wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted fire exit signs. Signblock uses ‘fit and forget’ LED lighting for at least 60,000 hours of safety illumination. Signblock is manufactured from 8mm thick silica acrylic, glass-effect panels with silvern anodised aluminium fixings.

Signslot is another premium quality architectural fire exit sign system. It has illuminated wall-mounted and ceiling hanging fire escape sign options. Signslot relies on LED illumination to clearly identify emergency exits and escape routes and is also available in non-illuminated options.

FLAG is a projecting LED illuminated fire escape sign with a slender profile in 10mm silica acrylic. A discreet wall or ceiling-mounted bracket fixing supports FLAG.

Find out more about the full range of Signbox illuminated fire exit and fire escape signs.

Signbox non-illuminated fire exit and fire escape signs

The Signbox Blade collection includes 3mm white Foamex wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted fire exit safety signs. It features directional arrows that are easily taped to walls with self-adhesive tables or suspended from walls or ceilings using stylish wiring.

Signbox Magfix is an elegant, single or double-sided ceiling suspended fire exit sign manufactured in Foamex with heavy duty magnetic support fittings. It’s ideally suited to Cat A fit outs.

Xblock is a robust, 5mm thick silica acrylic, glass-effect wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted fire exit sign. It comes complete with a range of silver-anodised extruded aluminium fixings to suit modern, contemporary workspaces.

Explore the full range of Signbox non-illuminated fire exit and fire escape signs.

Signbox photoluminescent fire exit and fire escape signs

In your building’s power fails in an emergency glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent fire exit signs will give your workforce the guidance they need to escape the building safely. 

Signbox is a leading manufacturer of photoluminescent fire exit and fire escape signs that rely on photoluminescent cast vinyl that’s suitable for external use and has a lifespan of eight years. This fire exit sign range meets the lighting requirements of DIN-67510PI for afterglow and life cycle.

Signbox’s Blade, Magfix, Xblock and Project fire exit sign ranges all incorporate photoluminescent fire exit safety sign options. They offer wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and ceiling-suspended variations that all comply with 02/58/EEC and ISO 7010 standards.

Discover the full range of Signbox photoluminescent fire exit and fire escape signs.

Stay compliant, stay visible and stay safe with Signbox fire exit signs 

Are you responsible for a fire safety policy or meeting your building’s fire safety compliance, fire exit, fire escape and emergency exit signage? The team at Signbox has all the advice you need. They’ll support you with fire exit and fire safety signage regulations and compliance information to give you peace of mind that your teams and your building is appropriately covered. 

To find out more about how to get on top of your fire exit signage strategy, contact Signbox on +44 (0)1784 438688 or visit the Signbox shop to explore our off-the-shelf fire exit signs.

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