Expanding Horizons: A Leap Forward with Wide Format Print Technology

Revolutionising Signbox’s Printing Capacity with the HP 800W and SwissQprint Nyala 4


In the dynamic world of printing technology, staying ahead of the curve is paramount for any successful printing company. Signbox, a leading name in the industry, has consistently strived to deliver exceptional quality and service to its clients. As a testament to their commitment, Signbox recently made a significant investment in wide format print technology, acquiring two state-of-the-art HP 800W printers and the cutting-edge SwissQprint Nyala 4. This strategic move was in response to a surge in major contract awards, and it’s set to catapult Signbox to new heights of capacity, efficiency, and creativity.

Embracing Innovation: The HP 800W

The addition of two HP 800W wide format printers marks a pivotal milestone for Signbox. HP, renowned for its innovation and reliability, has pushed the boundaries once again with this cutting-edge printing technology. The HP 800W is a workhorse built to handle high-volume printing with utmost precision and speed.

  • Faster Turnaround Times: The HP 800W boasts an impressive speed, reducing production times without compromising on print quality. This means Signbox can meet tight deadlines and manage large-scale projects efficiently.
  • Unparalleled Quality: Equipped with advanced colour management tools and high-resolution printing capabilities, the HP 800W delivers stunning visual results. The vibrant and accurate color reproduction ensures that every project undertaken by Signbox leaves a lasting impact.
  • Environmentally Conscious: As sustainability becomes increasingly important, the HP 800W incorporates eco-friendly features, including water-based inks and energy-saving technologies. Signbox reaffirms its commitment to reducing its environmental footprint while delivering exceptional output.

Precision Redefined: SwissQprint Nyala 4

Alongside the HP 800W, Signbox acquired the SwissQprint Nyala 4, a Swiss-engineered printing marvel that brings a new level of precision and versatility to the table. Renowned for its uncompromising quality, the Nyala 4 unlocks a realm of possibilities for Signbox.

  • Unmatched Print Versatility: The SwissQprint Nyala 4 can print on a wide range of materials, from traditional substrates to unconventional ones like wood, glass, and metal. This opens up exciting avenues for Signbox to cater to diverse industries and creative applications.
  • Fine Art Printing: With its ultra-fine droplet technology, the Nyala 4 can reproduce intricate details, making it an ideal choice for fine art printing and projects that demand the utmost precision.
  • Exceptional Durability: The UV-curable inks used by the SwissQprint Nyala 4 provide unmatched resistance to fading and outdoor elements, ensuring Signbox’s prints stand the test of time even in harsh environmental conditions.

Meeting Increased Demand with Confidence

The decision to invest in these cutting-edge technologies was driven by Signbox’s recent surge in major contract awards. As their reputation for excellence continues to grow, so does the demand for their services. The addition of the HP 800W’s and SwissQprint Nyala 4 ensures that Signbox is well-equipped to handle this increased demand while maintaining the high standards they are known for.

Expanding Creativity and Possibilities

The synergy of the HP 800W and SwissQprint Nyala 4 goes beyond just increased capacity and efficiency. It empowers Signbox’s creative teams to explore new dimensions in design and printing. The ability to experiment with diverse materials, intricate designs, and exceptional colour accuracy enhances their creative repertoire, offering clients unique and captivating print solutions.


Signbox’s investment in wide format print technology with the acquisition of two HP 800W printers and the SwissQprint Nyala 4 is a testament to their commitment to growth, quality, and innovation. These cutting-edge machines open up new possibilities, increase production capacity, and ensure that Signbox can meet the demands of their expanding clientele. As they continue to evolve with technology, the future looks brighter than ever for Signbox, promising exceptional prints and unparalleled service for years to come.

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